ebay light any good? $1.99


Hard to believe this is any good at the price, but I am wondering if anyone has tried one?

if you are lucky, you would get a 40 lumen
warm white emitter. if not, you would get
a 10 lumen angry blue emitter

Well, I can see the anodizing is already wearing off the one in the picture. It may work, but I can’t imagine it will hold up well.

oh wow…a itty bitty baby Convoy S5…hehe

Interesting for sure

any good…not sure

The pics are taken from DX, perhaps unsold units?

The estimated delivery is between nov. 12 and dec. 17. I wouldn’t waste my time waiting for it, even if it costs $1. There are plenty of nice and budget friendly AAA light to choose from, avoid this headache and save your $1.99

Thanks, Guys,
I figured as much. If they are anything like the Police Lights for .$99 they aren’t worth the effort to unpack them.