Ebay / paypal split do not buy from them.

Guys just want to let you know ebay isn’t reliable to buy goods from anymore. I have been waiting since July for an item and getting nothing but problems trying to recoup from ebay even thou it was covered by the 6 month paypal guarantee when I bought it but the polices have changed since. Not listing the sellers name cause honestly it’s probably the post offices fault as many here have bought custom pills from him out of Russia. Just be aware you are not covered by ebay/paypal anymore after 60 days. Ebay is a total scam now for oversea purchases. Buyer beware.

I think people here still use the 45 day paypal report method. If the item arrives later than that, i think we are honest enough to pay the vendor(if they are deducted).

Stephen Hawking warned us about the USPS black holes. They’ll swallow copper Convoy C8 pills and whole flashlights.

It sounds like you are trying to get a refund from ebay. The ebay dispute time limit is not 6 months (and never has been). Did you try going through paypal?

How many days has it been since you purchased it?
Was it shipped with tracking?