Ebay sale $16.75 - UltraFire Zoomable 1800Lm CREE XM-L T6 LED Flashlight Lamp Torch 2x18650 Charger

Just found on Ebay :


All of these below for $16.75 ( %50 OFF )
1x CREE T6 LED Ultra Bright Adjustable Focus Flashlight
2x 18650 3.7v battery
1x 18650 battery charger
1x AAA Battery Holder. (for using AAA battery, not include battery)
1x Plastic Tube (for using 18650 battery )

Is it a good deal ?

Sorry if it seems like I’m talking like you know nothing, but I don’t know what you know because of your low post count.

Well, let me start off by saying that there’s NO WAY that thing is 1800 lumens. Maybe if it was an xml2 it would technically be possible, but it’d have to be mounted on a copper star and have a copper pill.(I don’t even know of any budget lights that come with that, only really expensive lights) Then it would be possible, but no one would want that because so much heat would be generated and it’s just not good for the life of the led.

Most xml lights are about 500-900 lumens. And that light is only 1x18650 as shown from the picture so it’s more like 400-600 lumens. And then again, it’s a zoomable style reflector so it loses alot more lumens than a typical reflector. I myself wouldn’t trust those batteries either, I would stick with a known brand like panasonic or tenergy. (I don’t know if you know this but people will get old laptop battery cells with the ultrafire name on it, or even open up the battery and it’s filled with powder and not the typical lithium battery materials)

What I would instead recommend doing is this. Go buy a c8 or p60 style light from kaidomain or fasttech. (international outdoor is good too, there’s actually a website review section of this forum) Hopefully someone else may suggest a light. Do you have a sipik sk68 yet?(we all have at least one :slight_smile: ) Here’s the link to the fasttech flashlight section, http://www.fasttech.com/category/1601/led-flashlights/MTMzPVhNLUw/ For a lot of lights, you can find a review of it here on budgetlightforum.

Also, were you thinking of going the lithium rechargeable route right now, or hold off on that till the next light and just stick with regular alkaline batteries?

it’s an OK light for the price … but on the other hand the seller is a fast shipper, i ordered few light from them and they always shipped it the next day.
i usually got the packages from them in about 10 days and that including weekend :smiley:

I would not even have those batteries if they were given too me for free. And my first set of batteries were quite similar.
I would have chosen another flashlight.

Check out the Convoy series from Fasttech. Lots of info on those lights on the forum. You can find several reviews.
Also, just check out reviews on this site in general.

It is a decent enough deal I suppose. It is nice to get the batteries and charger included, though as said they are of very low quality.

This makes people nervous because LiIon batteries have a lot of energy density and poorly built ones can be a problem. They may or may not have a protection circuit and the light probably doesnt have cutOff built in. This means you can easily wind up with unstable batteries that could explode or vent with flame. That’s bad.

If this is your first high powered light I would read about Li Ion a bit more. If I were you, I’d consider using lights that are using AA,AAA,C/D batteries, where you can use NiMH batteries. They are a lot safer and you can use them around the house for lots of other things like kid toys! (if you are at that point in your life).

I dont want to overly-warn you either though. We use LiIon for cell phones, laptops and lots of other stuff and they are pretty safe. However they have built in protections too. So you wanna make sure to get a decent charger that won’t overcharge the batteries, and well made batteries with a protection circuit.

pretty nice light actually. i never seen a zoomie with a side switch for on/off.