Ebay Seller Return Issue Question.

hi, I bought a lamp off the bay, and it’s faulty giving me small electrical shocks.
the seller said just return it and he will be happy to swap then.

thing is, I don’t want another one, and just a FULL refund as I cant be sure of the next one in safety and so on.
so do I post it back now paying out my pocket and wait for a refund (£25.00), or shall I go through an already now initiated by me returns procedure?.

I can’t see why I should have to pay for a return on faulty goods here. postage back is some £5.05. UK to UK.
I would be some £5.05 out of pocket….right?.

if this is all correct, thanks.

You need to check seller return rules. He can accept returns or not, pay for return shipping himself or let this fees on you.
If seller accepts returns and rules he had choose sayings that you need to pay for the return shipping - thats so. And any ebay or paypal case will be closed to his side.
P.S. Things may go another way if item is broken and this is physical damage and you can show it.

thanks Kiba, I thought as it’s faulty, its not as described and so. so this is on the seller’s head, not mine to cover postage to get it back to them.
no returns I believe is if a change of mind and if he did agree , I would understand to pay, but as it is faulty, this was not in the description.
not sure, its been a long time. thanks brother.


Paypal have a send it back on us service , just post the item back at your cost then show a photo of receipt to Paypal and they will reimburse you within a couple of days.
You can do this 12 times per year.