EC60VN (nw) VS. Acebeam EC60 Stock (cw) Video Review & Beam Shots

So I got the EC60VN and posted a video review with beam shots to compare the EC60VN (nw) with the stock Acebeam EC60 (cw). I also compare beam shots of EC60VN to several other lights. The first half of the video is my discussion of what makes the EC60 such a special offering when compared with other single cell, single emitter lights offered in a similar form factor. The second half of the video is simply outdoor beam shots. The quality of the camera used is reflected in the video as you can see a lot of detail regarding beam profile and by extension usefulness for each of the various lights. This is definitely not your standard, measure all the aspects scientifically type of review. However I do feel the EC60VN and EC60 do, to a fair extent, speak for themselves. This said, I’m definitely working on my format for future reviews in terms of how and what information will be presented.
Thanks for watching guys :THUMBS-UP: .

YouTube hosted video click HERE

thanks for the review.

is the LED a regular XHP35 or shaved dome?

Sure thing, thanks for watching. Actually it’s neither as this one would xhp35 HI.