EDC Duty Light - Recommendations


I am currently looking for a new EDC light for unarmed security work and my search has been mostly futile, so I thought I’d call upon the collective knowledge of all you fine people!

The criteria I’m trying to follow is well explained by John Lovell of Warrior Poet Society in the below video, however it’s an old video now by flashlight standards so I’m sure there are now better, cheaper options available. Something like a Wowtac BSS V3 (now unavailable) or the newer BSS V4 (also unavailable) would be perfect solutions for this task, and the old Olight M1X Striker also seems suitable. Also happy to buy used if anyone has anything they’d like to part with :smiley:

- Bright (1000+ lumens)

- No mode memory and immediate high or turbo mode

- Inexpensive (Sub $85 USD)

- EDC comfortable (1 inch tube)

- Pocket clip

  • Tail switch


Merry Christmas everyone!

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Another internet expert selling something. :smiley: Sofirn SP 31 v2 would check most of the boxes.

While this doesn’t have a tail switch, the ThruNite TC15 would be a good option.


Olight Warrior Mini!

You have side switch from where you can access:

- Moonlight (Click & Hold 1 second)

- Last Used mode (click)

- Turbo (double click)

  • Strobe (triple click)

Besides this

You have tail switch that you can configure to 2 different options:

Momentary Medium / Continuous Medium + Momentary Turbo / Continuous Turbo

- Half Press & Hold: Momentary Medium

- Quick Half Press & Release: Continuous Medium

- Full Press & Hold: Momentary Turbo

  • Quick Full Press & Release: Continuous Turbo


Momentary Turbo + Momentary Strobe

- Half Press: Momentary Turbo

  • Full Press: Momentary Strobe

Most, but it leaves some of the very important boxes unchecked. I don’t have an SP31, and I love Sofirn lights. My EDC is an IF25A. But I’m not LEO or a first responder. And I’m cheap.

The SP31 V2 is not a single mode torch. You can’t count on it in an emergency turning on in its highest mode. Despite Sofirn’s claims, it is not a tactical light.

And, since I don’t own one, I could be wrong about this, but I suspect it’s not nearly as shock resistant or tough as the much more expensive lights. I own numerous Sofirns and not a single one of them has a potted driver.

So, if you want toughness and durability, you’re probably going to end up paying more than $20.

Thrunite bss v4 looks pretty knarly, I have and like the TT20 I think they are having a sale all month long

I just added a “duty light” category to the flashlight database for requests like this :smiley:

I found 38 lights with a search tailored to your requirements. Some of the lights on that list don’t have the UI you want out of the box but they do have means of configuring the UI to correct that.

If the side switch is not changed while the light is on, it is going to turn on where you left it. If I were to rely on my light for self defense, which I wouldn’t, I’d check it before going out with it to be sure. Bumping the side switch while off doesn’t affect it. I suppose a light could be used to disorient someone but that is a big maybe.

As to being shock proof, I have used mine on a .223 rifle which is a mild recoiler I know, but it did alright. One of these days I’ll try it on a shotgun for G&S. If I were to go into caves or under water with a light , I would feel better to bring 2 or more.

If , and it is a big if, I were to use a light for bonking someone I would carry a long D cell MagLite.

Yeh, really like the FC tailswitch for quick flash’n’dash.

Then a simple S2+ (better with swapped FC switch for “tactical” use) with 1-mode driver (2.8A or FET) should suffice.

Lotta (most?) Wubens and Nitecores have “momentary turbo” with press’n’hold on the sideswitch.

Eg, my MH20 lets you hold it halfway for moonlight, or hold it fully for turbo, else a simple click gets you the last-memorised level.

Or Hell, go all out with a TM03 where you can bap the rear “lever” switch for instant turbo or 2click for strobe.

Have a look at the Wuben C3, got mine @amazon, see if it will work for you.
Less than $30 USD when I got mine.

I would beg to differ, I’ve had an old Wowtac A1S as a beater light for ages and it was still kicking till I miss placed it. There also have been multiple youtube videos of people throwing them distances or dropping them off bridges for the light to still be kicking so don’t be discounting a GOOD product cause the price is cheap.

I saw a video of a guy throwing and dropping his A1S so I made one a weapon light. Works great.

Spend the extra $ and get an Olight Warrior Mini.