EDC flashlight for Terminator or cave man. Look at EDC flashlight designs by Midjourney

Hi, guys.

lots of you may`ve already heard about this magic neural network called Mindjourney.

I decided to play with it and create some designs for different cultures and movies. Result in TOP-13 below.
hope that you`ll like it.

disclaimer order has nothing to do with my attitude to culture or movie and reflect on results that i got from Mindjourney.

the 1st pic of each style is my fave, 3 rest are rest.

No. 13. Vikings
Why last place? Chic ornament and the general drakkar-pirate vibe of the pictures. But, alas, all they look like goblets, not flashlights. The only thing that somehow glows is more suitable for a completely magical item from the swartalf forge. Time to play some Otyg albums and drink ale!

№12 Stone age
In a fairy tale, water can also be squeezed out of a stone. In reality, I could not squeeze out something more or less decent even from 3 generations. However, I think that a person with extensive experience in Midjourney would achieve a decent result even here.

#11 Japan
Not bad, but only comparing with everything that was above. The rest, in my opinion, are much better. However, with the ability to juggle requests, it would be quite possible to do something more authentic by crossing some wakizashi with a flashlight and the profile of Mothra’s tail. So far, I don’t see anything clearly Japanese here. But i`m not Japanese either.

#10 China
Not bad. I sent to Terry from Wurkkos and he said that midjourney fully conveyed the spirit of culture.

In the first design, I really, really liked all this multi-colored embossing. Much more interesting than the usual copper-brass ornament in other national designs.

#9 India
Beautiful, but too Indian. No, I definitely like Indian architecture and ornaments. But the rating is a subjective thing, and I can’t rate this design highly.

№8 Hi-tech
Here, it would seem, it’s time for the neural network to roam. After all, human mind could create good looking high-tech design

from left to right Olight marauder II, Nitecore P35i, Acebeam X75

And it turned out just fine. But creations of Midjourney were below my expectation. though, again, everything could change upside down with adding one more input phrase.

#7 Aztecs
I wanted something like a classic Mesoamerican totem pole, but (the neural network did this most often) it turned out to be an ordinary flashlight with a thematic ornament. Not bad, but clearly more boring than anything below. However, it is clearly more interesting than all the similar ones above.

#6 Transformers
Flashlight won such a high place not becayse flashlights looks like flashlights (some of them do not at all), but for the general hit in the atmosphere of the movie franchise

№5 Russian style
The initial attempt to force the neural network to sink its virtual teeth into a birch tree turned out to be a failure. An officer of the gendarmerie corps (XIX Tsar`s KGB) would be happy with this heavy body with an eagle, but not me.

And all this would place these pics above #10, but…the miracle happen after adding “khokhloma style, forest background with painted bears” . A pinch of clarifications in the spirit of “perestroika-balaika-borsht” and the result turned out to be so pleasant. I especially liked the leather ring on the tail of the flashlight.

Attempts to improve the photo, add a button and other amenities were unsuccessful. I also think that this design has a lof of common with German style, reminds me of these huge beer mugs

No. 4 Arabic style
If there was no metal that covers the end of the flashlight, then the position could be higher. And so 4th place and amazing, lightweight and beautiful gadget, which in reality would attract both views and garbage from the pocket (the trouble of any slots). I think that some sheikh, having seen these designs, may well become interested and make a one-time order of such a flashlight even of platinum.

#3 Steampunk
Well, it’s like it should be. Brass, some leather, pistons. Flashlights look good

#2 Star Wars
Stunning fit with the vibe of the SW universe. Both the color scheme and the overall soft layout of the parts. Each of these flashlights would look appropriate on a Jedi’s belt.

#1 Terminator

Here everything turned out just perfect. The flashlights are ominous, with an abundance of all sorts of small details, and each of them, in my opinion, looks more like a weapon than a flashlight

Bonus. Antonio Gaudi
As a bonus, there is one single picture with an impressive Gaudi design. Honestly, I would love to put this in my pocket. It reminded me of the Acebeam E70 with an abundance of slots in the body. However, I suspect that someone will not find this similarity .

I encourage you guys try your luck with midjourney and let it create different designs of flashlights, like these above. Share them in comments, i bet there will be tons of interesting stuff. i could do it - and you will

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Wow, nice images!
It makes my flashlights look really boring in comparison. :ghost:



These are mostly all awesome! very unique!

The Gaudi wins though!

These are not flashlights, they are works of art.

Love the product line but not a fan of the gothic look. Prefer the modern look. I think a flashlight should not look like a church, IMHO.

Im speechless !

Although i would like to have a flashlight version of my Nemesis 30 Mech Mod…