edc pouch

I’m starting my new job tomorrow.

Its largely the same as my old job, but with a wage rise and the extra responsibilities that bring that rise. Basically, I’m going to have to have available at all times my work phone, a note pad and pen and obviously all the other crap we haul about day to day ie, phone, keys, wallet, etc. I was out today wearing jeans and these illustrated my problem, not enough pockets for all my crap and when I did have to both answer the phone, hold my small person, wallet and talk to my buddy on the market, well, it didn’t go well.

My conclusion is, I need a belt mountable pouch to hold the various bits I’ll have to carry regardless of clothing restraints.

Having a mooch about online, obviously there’s maxpedition gear, but, well this is blf….

I found this


which looks like it’d do the trick but anyone any other idea’s/suggestions? I’m also in the UK, I’d appreciate input from our UK members as I could do with this asap to be honest.

Congratulations with your new job! With your first paycheck, it’ll be time to go on a much overdue flashlight shopping spree! Paypal is going to love you! :bigsmile:

hmmm, I wish, I’ll be buying some qlite drivers, xp-g2’s, hosts to build my two little ones their own lights, a c8 host for an experiment and thats about it.

I’ve been on short wage for a while too so I’ll be settling family debts, the new job does net a nice wage rise, as long as my hours are chargeable, none chargeable hours are my old rate. Basically, my boss offered me the other half of the business, I felt it was better to bring the whole business back under one umbrella so passed on the buy and let the other engineer buy it up, he returned the favour by putting me incharge of my half, I’m a bit stressed about it all tbh but sure I’ll be fine.

Congratulations, gords! :party:

If you really need it for work, and ASAP, I’d pick something from Maxpedition and get it from Heinnie Haynes (they ship super fast):

could check there

Congrats on the work front.
I think the pouch chosen might be too small for pen + pad + phone + keys + wallet, although if you have a smartphone then you don’t really need pen + paper.

What about a sturdy bumbag? You can get multi-pocket, multi-compartment types even on Amazon UK.


How ’bout this?

thanks for the replies, in woek I’m not so bad as I wear contractors pants with many many pockets, and I’m in my van, its more having a kit for out of work hours. I’m not into bum bags, I’m no cockney :bigsmile: and I’d planned on getting a note pad to fit the pack, if anything it just needs to boost carrying capacity when I’m not in cargo pants, its also easier to be used to carrying a bag with everything in than to stash everything in pockets.

I agree about the smartphone comment, voice recorder is on home page for that reason, I just prefer to take written notes as tge battery won’t run out on a note pad. :bigsmile: the pouch also really only needs to carry one phone, pad and pen, and the pad can be postit notes tbh, any other storahe capacity is a bonus, I’m just trying to dodge carrying my day sack day to day.

Congrats on the new job, Gords! This maxpedition looks like what you might want and price isn't so bad for what it is and how well it should last:


I see a fanny pack in your future G.

Congrats on the new job Gords! Sorry, I don't have a recommendation for you on a pouch. Perhaps Dale is right and you should just get a fanny pack!

Oh, and you didn't mention your flashlight as a necessity to carry! How dare you!


I used to use a fanny pack , now I am using one of these .

Holds a lot of gear .

I was going to recommend one like this…


I use mine for what you describe, but also for carrying the SR KIng and bulkier lights without having to use a formal side carry case. The one from Academy I bought a month ago (can’t find link) is large enough for a 50-inch waist guy like myself. I love it.


I was going to mention wearing pants with several pockets but it seems that you already do that. For me, placing weight in one location around my waist is very uncomfortable and restrictive. I personally HATE those little pouches with a passion. Ive found that by placing each gadget in a different pant pocket, I hardly notice the extra weight and can move about much more freely. Heavier things go in the front hip pockets/holsters, the lighter stuff gets distributed elsewhere. But Im guessing that youve probably already tried that…

Again, CHEERS to the new job! It must feel great. Hang in there, I bet you do really well.

Maybe this one:


thanks for the well wishes guys.

I ordered this


to try the idea out and see how I get on, as its much less if it doesn’t work out.

Gary, I edc two 18650 lights and my mini 02 from rey is on my keys, I should be ok in that regard, this is mainly going to be an out of hours grab pouch.

or maybe a louis vitton man purse .

Try your local poundland or equivalent for camera cases - they can be handy.

Yep another one. All the best in the new job gords. Those bills for some reason dont stop coming in.