EDI-t-P14 18650 Zoom $2.99 EXPIRED! Max qty 3!

Looks like a decent price for a 18650 FTT light with Hi / med modes

edit to add Max Qty of 3 !

Cree XR-E Q3
180 LM
3-Mode High - Low - strobe
Glass Lens <-?

List Price:$15.24
You save 17% = $2.99 <- SAY WHAT? Dis hain’t de sameh maf dat Iuh tuck in Highe Sckool :slight_smile:

edit to fix link

Your link doesn’t work for me and is to BLF post on this light. Showing as $3.99 for 60-something off now.

Try this

It costs 3.99$, I ordered one too because I ruined the tailcap on my light while trying to improve the switch.
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there are all wallbuys deals in, like the edi and the golden zoomie…

I got one as well… and 2 of those tiny 1.99 zoomies :smiley:

got mine, has that ramping driver

Price shows $12.40….what a crock…

The promotion was last month. Note the date of the OP.

EDI-T's are still by far the cheapest FL's with ramping.

yeh, i know…still a crock… :smiley: :zipper_mouth_face:

I sent one to a friend, he thinks it is pretty good but was wondering what the run time on low is, does anyone know the answer?

On low or the lowest brightness in ramping?

Yikes, On another thread, a couple of posters tried to explain what ramping is, to me, but I still don’t know.

It’s a function of the driver, I believe. When you enter this mode (2 rapid half presses irrc), the light will slowly go from 1% output all the way up to 100% output, and then back down to 1… repeatedly. When you get to the level of illumination you want you simply click off and back on and it remembers what you stopped it at. Pretty neat for a $3 light.

That sounds interesting, he will like that.

I don't recall if it's been posted, my EDI-T P13 also has ramping.

For the price, I’d say “good to very good”

Weak Output
18650 Only

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FTT & multi- mode

I got my two in, and a bit disappointed (wut da u expect for $4?) - outside has nicks/scratch's (looks like it was thrown in a pile of lights) and the tailcap is sealed up - nothing there to unscrew to take apart - dunno how to get it apart, but hopefully I won't have to. On the zoom slider, it uses a metal ring - ugh. Not a very wide flood either, but that can possibly be corrected by grinding down the sliding head. The driver is 20mm and has a pressed in brass ring securing it, but I was able to get the ring off. The pill top is solid, has a 20mm star, but no grease or epoxy under the star - the pressed in plastic piece holds it down - not good, but for $4 ...

A nice mod would be this 20mm to 17mm brass adapter I have for mounting a 17mm driver, then put in a Nanjg, and upgrading the emitter - maybe XP-G2 or XML/XM-L2. Would be nice to replace the metal snap ring with a o-ring, but don't think I have one than skinny, and not sure how it would feel - could jjust lube it up well.

Definitely needs an upgrade. Wish someone would have said something about this a few days ago so I could throw some more items in my FT order.

I completely forgot how disappointing the output was, especially considering it’s almost twice as massive as an sk68 with similar output.

with a de-domed XPG2. I direct-drove mine and it’s now one of my favorite pocket blasters.

It's listed at $12.70 now - a bit too high for the quality. WallBuys is a big hit/miss game - these are the worse condition lights I've gotten from them, maybe from anyone - the scratch's and nicks are just too much.

Hhmm - de-domed XP-G2 mod sounds good for this light. I did a de-domed XP-E2 in this light: ebay Zoomable-XM-L-T6-18650, and that thing was nice was a pocket thrower! Very light and small.