EDI-T T11 Programmable?

Question for anyone that picked one of these up off of DX - is this programmable? A couple of reviews say that is. Can anyone check?

Yes, I have ordered one some days ago, If you want to wait I will confirm as soon as it arrives

Yes it is programmable. 2 fast clicks while on high and you enter programming mode.

Is this the one?


Yes that one, but some reviews says that is H,M,L (not programmable).

I have one on the way, I will confirm

If I may ask, where did you buy it from? Dealextreme?

Yes, this is it:


OMG! I own that light and never knew it was programmable :) I ordered it 3/1/2011. Unfortunately, there is no memory, i.e. the light level will be default when you switch the lamp off.

Does anybody know how to remove the strobe mode? What are strobes good for anyway?

BTW: Did DX change its URL scheme? This is the URL which I got from my Wishlist:


Neither did I until I read this thread :P

Yes, they added "friendly urls". I got the link on my previous message from my order view.

It sucks!! Where can I complain?

lol i just ordered one of those and DIDNT know it was programable. dayum. score!

Yeah I hate the new URL's makes it much more annoying to quickly jump to a new SKU

fran82, have you received yours? Is it programmable?

Yes, is programmable

DX’s web server ignores everything in the friendly URL before the final number, so you can just enter dealextreme.com/p/1234 to jump to SKU 1234.

Since this light's programming ramp goes up and down without stopping at the lowest and brightest or any kind of reference points, a tip to figure out where you are is to shake the light after you set the point. That way you see the pwn ratio (ie, solid = 100%, small dots/lines = low).