*EDIT* Need help looking for a extender / extension for a D battery maglite, NOT C

I knew I should have bought it when i seen it on ebay a few months back. Now when i decide i really want it, its nowhere to be found. anybody know where i can purchase one?

its gonna be used for a 3 D cell maglite, i want to be able to use 4 D cells.


Lol , oops i meant i wanna use 4 D cells.

Oh, good thing I reread the OP, makes sense now.
I haven’t seen one, but I will keep an eye out for them.

Maybe ChicagoX has some cutoff pieces(already has tail cap threads) he could re thread.

And you could end up with 2 lights.

Here’s a two cell extender


Here’s a one cell


Ive never dealt with this seller. It was just saved in my watched list

Well there you go. I’ve bought a couple things from this seller, no problems.
Although at those prices, you might as well buy a new 4D Mag as stated.

I was about to say I'd make you one... but I wouldn't start to for that price... BUY IT!!!


whoa, i cant believe theres one on ebay. i looked on ebay typing in numerous titles, but nothing showed up. how wierd.
thanks for the reply guys.

oh, reason why i cant just buy another whole light is because this is for a lamda varapower turbo2. i want to up the amp now. since i got my ak47, the vpt2 just doesnt seem too bright anymore. i know the vpt2 is a thrower, but im just curious will i see any difference with my naked eye.

right now im using a sleeve and running 4c cells, on a 3d mag.
with the new extender, i will be running 4d cells. i think it will just increase my about 1 amp. hahah
is this even worth it? right now, im at 155 k lux @ 13.37 amps.

what the heck, the seller must be a member here on blf, or have seen my thread. now, when i search for it, it comes up. hahah

hey fmcamaro, can i get a blf discount? its you right? hahah nah jp.
thanks for the help though

nope its not me hah!

It was saved in my watched items for pondering future projects. Just coincidence!

Can you get them for C cells?

i think those are even harder to find

I may have to try this in my old Varapower 2000k, for some extra jam

whats in the varapower 2k? sst 90 as well?
my extender came today, so ill let you know if i see any difference in brightness. dunno if one extra amp is gonna do anything noticable to the eye.

The older Varapower I have are still dedomed Sst90, but with a stock head and only 60-80k lux and 2000 lumens on 4 Nimh c cells

The jump in brightness using 4 Nimh cells, instead of four alkaline is awesome

[quote=That Ninja Guy]

This extender is actually advantageous vs getting a 4D light if you want to be able to switch between three and four cells. In my case, I have a 3D Mag with an XM-L2 Malkoff drop-in. Per Malkoff specs, it produces 600 lumens and draws 1.4 amps with three cells, and produces 850 lumens and draws 2.7 amps with four cells. Three cells are adequate most of the time, and make for a somewhat smaller and lighter light. Runtime is also ALOT longer with three cells. But this extender makes it easy to temporarily go for four cells if I want/need the added lumens, and then switch back to three when I don’t. That’s why I don’t just run the drop-in in a four cell light.


i would have still thought it have more runtime on 4 cells even though more lumens. are you running d cells on 3 and 4 cell config?
i wonder if id have more runtime on my light now that im going 4 d cells vs 4 c cells.

well, i couldnt wait till it got dark, so i tried doing some testing outside in the daylight.
not sure if this type of testing is very accurate, but this is what i did.

went to my backyard with the 4xD cells and shined the flashlight to my fence, and then i walked backwards till the hotspot on the fence was barely noticable.
then i marked the spot of where im standing, went inside and converted back to the original 4xC cells.

went back to the exact same spot, and shined at the fence. the hotspot was still noticable even with the 4xC cells.
i was expecting NOT to see the hot spot, untill i walked towards the fence like maybe 2 steps, but nope, so either my way of daylight testing is retarded, or this upgrade didnt do much.

i dont have a lux or multimeter either.

so even when it becomes dark, i dont know if id be able to see a difference that way either