Edit : Not recommended now.. 20% disc Trustfire Flames are good, measured 2266mAh & new batch 2498mAh

Latest edit : With the latest info by other members, it looks like fake cells / unprotected cells are rampant....even though you ordered protected cells. Layman folks would not test if they have unprotected or protected cells be it via a DMM dead short or eyeballing if there is a kink at the -ve end. And I have been hearing even with that kink, it could be just a disc that is NOT a PCB. Very sad.....

Not recommended, stick to the good proven cells.

Got mine yesterday. 2266mAh.

With sticker. Capable of > 3A easily. 1st cycle 2266mAh @ 1A, discharged to 2.7V, unloaded will get back to 3.5V.

These discounted $8.39 ones. With 20% coupon, you'd pay 6.71.

Latest update, 22nd Nov, still unprotected but crazy performance @ 1A down to ~2.7V as measured by Uni T UT-58E. (genuine copy IMAX B6 is a bit inaccurate due to non-precise resistors used)


Great to know that they are good, they do look genuine with the stamp on the wrapper. It is the lowest deal around @$6.71 and no non-sense group buy needed


Are these really protected?

Only 3,5$/battery :o nice!


Thanks for letting us know. :)

Good looking out 2100. I was crossing my fingers when I clicked the paypal button.

Good info, thanks 2100!

I will check them with B6 when they get here and post just for reference. Hope they keep the quality to all customers.

Yes they are protected. You can short it and there won't be any current flowing through.

The code "thanksgiving" still works to get them at this price.

Got mine today(11/2). Ordered on 10/22. 11 days shipping is amazingly fast for DD. Look identical to the "true 2400's" from DX. They both arrived at 3.84v. Charging them up to 4.2 now.

Update: They took 7 hours to go from 3.84 to 4.20 in a TR001. Seem to work well sofar in my lights.

Mine did not have the stamp on the wrapper(looks like it was peeled off).

UPDATE: Just checked them more closely and they are NOT protected. This is very typical of DD and why they have an AVOID rating. Now the long battle with DD begins.

I noticed something tonight. When I log into DD it comes up in AUD , switched to USD. Same price .Checked out with Paypal. AUD is slightly better than the USD so it is cheaper to buy in USD. Nice little skimming operation from DD. Also I originally had trouble paying via secure checkout. Now I have two unpaid for orders and the order I paid for has not gone through. DD points are gone too.

update. deleted orders and tried to pay again, finally worked. Difference is only a matter of cents but still worth checking. Didn't get my points so it cost me more.

2100, what capacity do you get on yours at 1.5A discharged to 3V?

Two times I've got unprotected instead protected ones. Does anyone experienced the same problem?

I ordered protected batteries on Oct 20th, and today (Nov 3rd) I received unprotected batteries in the mail. I will be sending DinoDirect a message about this mix-up. Hopefully they will be able to fix the problem.

Ordered mine tonight. But now seeing that some people are receiving unprotected kind of scares me.

I'm dealing with DD about wrong battery. They offered me $3 gift card (which I didn't accept) and promisess they are going to do it better next time. Yea, shure, if you are lucky! Someone who packs those things doesn't recognize difference between protected and unprotected. I've got batteries with completly correct codes on label, but wrong item. This is the picture I've sent them.

I've asked to connect me to their supervisor. We'll see......

Ok will check mine later.

I didn't even think about checking mine. I will later and get back with you guys. If mine aren't protected, you guys will know it.

lol i had 2 orders frm them which arrived. And i jusr ordered another 3 pairs.

Dinodirect $6.71 20% disc Trustfire Flames are BAD!

Ordered Protected, got UN-Protected.

Voltages: 3,84V , 3,86V.

Useless for me, my hosts don´t make contact with batts this short. Can´t cive these away, Un-protected & newb is a bad idea.

Aaah, bummer...