Edit : Not recommended now.. 20% disc Trustfire Flames are good, measured 2266mAh & new batch 2498mAh

well then


I had 2 orders....same SKU. 1 pair is protected and the other is unprotected. It's very easy, just try measuring with your DMM but make sure you are ready to disconnect real fast (not more than 1 second, actually 0.5 seconds). The unprotected one would go over the edge and you get an OVER reading. The protected one instantly shows 0.0 amps and is very safe.

I'm talking to Summer and see how we can fix this.

My 2266mAh test is done with the protected ones.

Not only they are un-protected, the wrapper looks rather suspicious. Either they are fakes or the quality went considerably down.

TOP : Un-protected from DD

BOTTOM : Protected from DX

Can you guys make picture like mine with label on it or label on bag to see part number and so called UN. They at DD are thinking if the UN number is correct then the batteries are corect, but they are wrong.

I'm a bit happy that I saved myself from this nonsense and canceled my order when I started to think it was to good to be true.

Especially with all the bad feedback DD received already, did people honestly believe they would ship the right goods at bargain bin prices?

Semi on-topic perhaps, but I don't get how people keep doing group-buys from these guys, knowing they don't live up to anything and keep going their shady ways...

Well in my case I have ordered protected batteries with charger combo and got wrong batteries twice. It was even before we all started with this deal - my first order was in the mid of September. So the problem isn't "to good to be true" but somewhere in their sistem is a person who doesn't distinct between the two - see post from 2100.

Err...bro....i've been called a shill for DD...but I got 2266mAh protected batteries. The latest package from them are unprotected though.

Currently doing a discharge test for the unprotected cells.

Sounds like typical DD stalling. I say open the PayPal disputes now.

Tell them to send you what you ordered, being protected cells or give you a full refund. If they fail, open a paypal dispute/claim to get your money back. Wrong goods, not corrected by seller is good enough a reason to get a refund.

Either way they only hurt themselves, it's just a big waste of resources and time.

I'm not calling you anything buddy. I don't think you're a shill... I was just giving my view of the matter, I haven't ordered anything from them, apart from the 18650's I canceled and the more i read about them, the happier I am with that.

Just look above, you're one of the few that got what they ordered. On top of that, going by the pictures I saw above, the cells may very well be fakes too.

No, that would only be solution for one or few person to get money back, the other customers would still getting wrong items.

I've got PM from Summer and they will work on it. It would be good anyone is getting wrong item PM to me and I'll make list and give it to Summer. Please add order number so they could find you in their system. What do you think?

I got 2 pairs on the way from DD. Will let ya know if they turn out bad.

Well, they need to do both - refund or replace for those that got the wrong ones and correct their current stock for future orders. They should be able to find the orders in their system without us PM'ing you our order numbers if we open a case on their site.

I think it would be best to give them one chance to refund or replace(refund would be better, who knows what the replacement would be). But if they start with back and forth emails saying they sent the right ones, then PayPal dispute time.

Currently doing a 1A test on the unprotected cell but then it's from 4.11V only as i don't have time to wait another 1hr or so for it to slowly top off (it charges really slowly at a diminishing current as you get closer to 4.2V). But then i need to sleep now as i need to wake up at 2am for a shooting job. See when i can post the results.

I just ordered a pair yesterday. Will let you know in 2 weeks.

Have a good night there bro. I'm just starting my day here with BLF :)

I have been examining the photo DD sent of my batteries in the basket.

As far as my old eyes can tell, there is a good chance they are protected but maybe they just have a buch of stock photos they send people.

Crap. I won't be able to check if mine are real for another couple weeks.

grrrr. If they're fakes, I'm just posting in the avoid thread and not giving them another chance.

..but I got today four pairs of protected 14500 TF Flames from DD: They are protected and look genuine (with holograms etc.).

All of them were between 3.86-3.88V. Looking good.

The two I got are unprotected. I'm not happy. I'm emailing them about this. I got 3 more sets coming. This pisses me off.