edit-Photobucket gripe thread, 'cause a beef gotta have a voice

Photobucket is back in business.
Of the 1470 images I have stored on their site only 6 have active links and all but a few others cannot even be viewed. Most are related to this forum but wha bothers me most is the timing. I hope the judges were able to view my contest thread before this happened but if not please pm me so I can email any you wish to see directly from the phone on which they were taken. This isn’t fair but after two days of waiting for PB to pull their heads out I can think of no other way to share them.

Hey Scott Flikr works very well, provides various image size links and has a good client for the phone.

Ugh, irritating. But no worries, I’ll contact the judges, and something will be worked out so you have a fair chance.

Can you rehost them on imgur or alternative and update your thread, severe hassle i know, but it should be fine with everyone if you alter your build thread due to this.
(but no cheating) :stuck_out_tongue:

Severe hassle is an understatement, it would take several days to recreate the build thread and judging is probably just about concluded. I’ve offered to email selected pics from the iPhone but don’t have the time to do more, that window is closed to me now. Even a group email can’t be done until after work this evening. The timing on this could not have been worse.

Yeah, a second vote for imgur. Of course any free service could go down at any time (then again so could the paid ones), but imgur is a solid service with tons of traffic and shows all signs of being around for a long time.

I’ll monitor the forum throughout the day to find out what the judges suggest.

It’s a paid account.

Maybe you already know this but I’m currently getting a message on their website that it’s down for maintenance.

Not your fault, and there’s still time. Don’t bother updating the links in the post, because it’s very possible that Photobucket will come back online and/or re-enable access to your photos. Just whenever you have time upload the raw photos elsewhere (Google Photos maybe) and then PM me with the link. I’ll let the judges know, and I’m sure they’ll be able to figure out which pics correspond to which part of your post. Again, this isn’t urgent, the judges are very reasonable people and they’ll work to accommodate this situation.

the said to wait for now.

I was hoping they would come back up. I haven’t checked this morning but will later.
Edit. All my pictures are not showing. The website itself is saying its down for maintenance. Fingers and toes crossed they come back up.
Mines also a paid account.


Photobucket’s Facebook page has the following message posted as of Yesterday (the 3rd) at 8:20am

:warning: Scheduled Maintenance: We will be conducting maintenance on our site today from 10pm MST November 3, 2016 until 2am MST November 4, 2016. You may not be able to access your account during this time. This maintenance is being conducted to improve your overall user experience with the site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Support Team at support@photobucket.com. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes!”

My guess is some problems were encountered. I have had the dreaded experience myself when performing a website upgrade. I believe sb has had the same experience at least once. Hopefully they will be back up soon.

Try using http://SLi.mg image hosting. Fast and easy. I’ve never liked the way PB takes so long to pop up an image.

Already sent an email to lackofsupport.com, no response or support as of yet. Suggestions for other image hosting sites won’t keep images up in my 9000 posts already in existence. I have little desire to go back and edit them.

Several days ago when I started having problems even accessing photobucket I tried imgur but couldn’t get anywhere on my pages. Couldn’t upload because I kept getting dumped onto the comments page. I’m using postimage now. None of the photobucket images from my build thread are showing up either. Not that it matters due to missed deadline but it means thousands of posts on a number of different forums are now missing photos. }(

Another posted message from the Facebook/Photobucket page…

:warning: Update: During the planned maintenance last night, we encountered an unforeseen issue. Our team is continuing to work on resolving that issue, and we will provide another update as soon as possible. Rest assured that your information and content is safe. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support.”

$h!t happens, and nobody is immune. Relax. Getting our own shorts in knot solves nothing. Just an opinion.

Upper right hand (left for mobile) corner drop down menu. Images or albums gets you to your uploads. If you bookmark either one you’ll never see comments/other people’s images unless you mean to do so. Just click around a bit and experiment. Tons of fantastic features, it’s free, and they don’t delete your stuff. 4ish years, 1600 images, 0 issues.

PB support responded with that same message at 3:00 this afternoon. I trust they’ll figure it out but their track record is not strong.