[EDSG Deals and Coupons]- ACEBEAM L19 V2.0 Hunting Flashlight $87.03/ ACEBEAM H16 High CRI 5000k AA Flashlight $26.94

Yea shipping is going up everywhere even to Australia its gotten more expensive, those old Gearbest prices where great unfortunately prices right now suck as there is no competition.
Lol yea sawed seems right

Well, at least the whistle works better than the pen functionality of the Zanflare F10 Tactical Pen Flashlight : - )

(I still love my Zanflares though)

Zanflare stuff was great and the prices were crazy good . Back then you were a fool not to buy.
I was looking at littokalas Ali express page back in the day and they had a hundred
Liitokala lii-100’s for a buck each .
It took me a day to realize I had to pull the trigger on a 100 chargers and of course a day later they were gone … and never ever got anything close to a buck again . On certain special sales gearbest would sell you … “limit one maximum “ for 1.99 and convoy S2+’s for 6.99?
Ah the good old days

Update 8/8/23, Aliexpress deals and coupons

Sofirn SP35T 3800lm Tactical 21700 Flashlight

Price: USD 33.56
Purchase link-33.56 USD

Sofirn SC18 1800lm EDC Flashlight

Price: USD 17.14
Purchase Link- 17.14 USD

Sofirn IF22A 21700

Price: USD 32.84
Purchase link- $32.84

Sofirn SC21 Pro

Price: USD 18.45
Purchase link- 18.45 USD

Banggood deals 8/8/23

14500 EDC flashlight - 16.99 USD


Haikelite HK4S- 52.99 USD


Haikelite HT50pro 4*G50 8000lm 1600m Thrower - 89.99 USD

HaikeLite MT09R 3x XHP70.2 25000LM- 189.99 USD

Aliexpress update 19/9/2023

Wurkkos FC111300lm LH351D 2700k-5000k

Price: USD 21.59
Purchase Link

Wurkkos New TS21 Rechargeable Flashlight 3500LM EDC Torch 3* SST20 Emitter Anduril 2.0


Price: USD 30.59
Purchase Link

ACEBEAM H16 Super Lightweight AA LED Right Angle Light EDC Flashlight, 5000K CRI 90/6500K 1000 lumens


Price: USD 26.94
Purchase link

ACEBEAM L19 V2.0 Hunting Flashlight 2200 Lumens


Price: USD 87.03
Purchase Link

NITECORE TIKI Multi-Light Source USB Charge Portable EDC Camping Flashlight APC UV Mini Keychain Light Warning Signal Flashing

Price: USD 18.95
Purchase Link

ACEBEAM Pokelit 2AA 600 High Lumens LED Flashlight, Nichia 519A LED

Price: USD 27.31
Purchase Link