Elektro Lumens Holiday Season Sale

Elektro Lumens is having a sale on the Big Bruiser flashlight: Elektro Lumens Presents "Big Bruiser Flashlight"

Price for the Big Bruiser is normally $149.99, for the holiday season it is $129.99

Elektro Lumens ST90 Search & Rescue: Elektro Lumens Presents "ST90 Search and Rescue Extreme Flashlight"

Price has been $259.99 for a long time. While supplies last, holiday season price is $199.99

Check out the web pages for these flashlight (Pages listed above)

For your convenience, here is a direct link to the Elektro Lumens shopping cart web page:
Elektro Lumens Shopping Cart: http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=elektrolumens

Email me (Wayne) with any questions, or you can phone me. My email address and phone number is listed on my main web page, www.elektrolumens.com

I am out of stock of the 26650 batteries, sorry. I can provide links in emails of where to buy this battery. I do not sell the 18650 battery at this time.

(Prices are not retro active to older orders. Prices valid only while limited supplies last.)


amazing deals

Great deal…

The Big Bruiser Combo is now being offered again:

Price was $189.99, on sale for $159.99.

Includes one Big Bruiser, two 3500mAh (rated for 10A discharge) 26650 INR batteries, one TrustFire TR-005 charger.

Here is a link to a web page about the 26650 INR batteries I’m offering:


I’ve already placed the order for the batteries, but I will not have them in stock until around Dec. 1.

Also, I’m looking into offering EFEST 2250mAh 18650 IMR batteries.

They are rated for up to a 10A discharge, so should work fine in both the EDC-XML flashlight, and the ST90 Search & Rescue. I like the IMR chemistry as it is safer. Here is a little web page I made for this battery.