Element on my stove burnt out

I was heating something on the stove the other day and noticed that the center of the electric ring was much hotter than the rest of it .I was busy and didn't give it much of a thought ..today i was cooking something on that burner and its parked a little like a quick popping weld and i noticed the water in the pot dripping onto the burner .. the dang thing burned a hole right thru my big 4 quart T-fal pot .. there is a 1/8th inch round hole in the pot and it the burner too .I'm glad i was in the kitchen at the time .it was kind of funny because i heard the back door open and close 10 seconds after the "weld " went off... and sparked across the kitchen..It was the dog letting herself out ...Sparks and fur don't mix ..Exit stage left .

how many lumens did it put out?

Bright enough I thought to myself .. don't look at it ...

Bright enough to cut thru my nice pot ,yet not pop the 30 amp breaker

since i need to replace it anyway maybe i ought to upgrade it to 12 xmls

I like the way you think!

You can also use it to weld things together.

I fear your cup might be half-full of booze :P

You're wrong sir!!! It's full to the brim.