Eliminating junk mail?

Has anyone had success eliminating junk mail from your mail box?

I’ve signed up at the various places where it’s supposed to help reduce junk from your mail box but I still get the flyers that take up a lot of room.

I know that when you move or are on vacation you can forward only the non-junk mail. I’m not aware of any way to just not have it delivered in the first place.

Anyone figured out how to do this? I’m tired of junk mail :slight_smile:

Per the other thread about mail services, you should promote junk mail. It hepls pay for the US post office. It's a big thing for them. Ask for more junk mail and get all you can. Support the US.Wink

You could just go electronic all the way and take the mail box down. No reason for a mail box any more as it can all be done electronically or thru the net.

Nothing will actually eliminate it, short of having no postal address, since your name (everyone's name), is sold on lists over and over across the country and elsewhere. Nothing to stop that. It's legal.

Isnt there such thing as the robinson list in USA? You have a no-call list or sth like that.. nothing for mail?

I think he was meaning the regular mail :slight_smile:
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In here,you can put a sign on your mail box stating, that you do not want commercial free leaflets like those the larger shop chains usually spread…
After this, it is illegal to jam them in you mail box.
Personal junk mail still happens.

Get all the no postage necessary envelopes and tape them to a heavy brick and mail it back, that way you annoy the spammers, cost them money and you help the postal service at the same time! J)

There is a list which I’ve signed up for in the past but it doesn’t seem to stop the flyers which go to everyone. The grocery store flyers seem to be the worst but they don’t actually always come from a grocery store as other items are advertised as well.

That’s what I’d like to eliminator as that’s what takes up most of the room in my mailbox.

My mail box is a small locked box and it’s a few houses down the road from my actual house. I don’t even check it every day and it gets full quickly just due to junk mail.

I noticed that after Old-Lumens post. Didnt even think of that in the first place. :D

I noticed that putting a lock on who can access your credit reports on the bureaus seems to stop some of the unwanted mail also you could write to the Mail Preference Service of the Direct Marketing Association, 6 East 43rd St., New York NY 10017, and tell them you don’t want to get any more unsolicited (i.e., junk) mail. Every three months the DMA makes up a computer tape they send around to the major mailing-list companies listing the people who want their names deleted. The drawbacks here are that you can’t be selective, you can’t do anything about local small-time operators

Useful link

Just wait until you discover junk email and all the variations of electronic advertising.

Well, I don't have to post it all over again. I like the USPS more than Fedex and UPS. If getting rid of junk mail means no USPS, then I'll gladly accept junk mail.

I like that idea. I used to do it, but to screw with the spammers, not to help USPS.

I found out that most of the flyers come from Red Plum so I opted out of that. I got something from Moneymailer today and opted out of that as well.

You can also go to Valupak to stop receiving those.

If all this works that should greatly reduce the junk mail that I receive. Especially if the Red Plum thing works out.

I’ve not had any junk mail in over a year. It’s all down to placing value on your personal information and making sure you opt out at every opportunity. I’ve walked out of shops who’ve asked for my details for a purchase but can’t show me the opt-out box on the form. I work the same way with my e-mail, if you can’t promise you won’t run it through Facebook or LinkedIn then I’m not going to let you have it. If you can’t understand BCC or why I don’t want you forwarding my private contact details to everybody you know then I’ll not want to speak with you anyway.

Gmail.com works well for me regarding junk email. I have all mail from Facebook filtered so it doesn’t go to my inbox but I can view “all” and still see it.

Years ago, while researching starting a business account with the Post Office I learned that the brick trick is no longer allowed by the USPS.

a ton of feathers weighs the same as a ton of bricks :wink: