Dear BLFers, please allow me introduce new light, based on the MR16 form factor driver ELT41. Driver works

as boost converter with input voltage 5.5...12.8V and have 4 XP-G LEDs on board.

Driver have very high efficiency in 2S and 3S Li-ion configurations.

Driver intended for quad 35mm Ledil and Khatod optics. With 35mm Ledil CUTE-4-SS it can provide very good

light for cycling - about 12 degree with soft borders.

ELT-04 light is based on standard MR16 aluminium case:

We can also offer external switch option. Same functions, as with the button on the light bottom, only

color light inside the switch display battery charging level.

Techical parameters:

  • 4*XP-G Neutral white LEDs, 1200 ANSI Lumens
  • Only two modes: High 100% and Low (programmable 2...50%)
  • One touch to switch between modes
  • One touch to program Low mode level
  • Switchable daylight strobe mode (High-Low-Strobe or High-Low)
  • 120 minutes run time at 100% output
  • Built-in termal protection reduces the output level, if the LED temperature is over 90 degree
  • 4*18650 Li-ion battery pack with LCD indicator
  • Water-protected to IP65

Box content:


More details - http://www.eltehs.lv/pshop/en/13-bike-li

I will be glad to answer for all your questions and comments. We are developers and manufacturers of this light, so all your input will be greatly appreciated.

I like the neat looks of it. And the neutral tint is great!

Could you provide more information on the UI?

how do you turn it on/off, switch between high/(programmable low)/strobe, and how do you set brightness.

The description says "one touch" for everything, but that doesn't actually mean much.

Yes, it is really simple.

Short press - ON (last mode, stored)

Next press - switch between Low(user) and HIGH: HIGH-user-HIGH-user-...

Long press (>1.5sec) - OFF.

So, for normal usage you have two modes - Low(user) and High. Short press to switch on, short press to switch between modes, long press to switch off.

User level brightness programming: Switch on, switch off (press key for >1.5sec) and continue hold the key (>5sec). After 5 sec light is switched on and start increasing light level from 2% till 50% and back from 50% till 2%. At any time you can release the key - this level will be stored as user level.

Strobe light programming: Switch on, switch off (press key for >1.5sec) and continue to hold the key (>5sec), continue to hold the key till full brightness programming cycle finished (15sec). After that light will flash 3 times. If you release the key during this flashes, strobe mode will be enabled (or disabled, if it was enabled previously).

If strobe mode enabled, you will have three modes: user-HIGH-strobe-user-HIGH-strobe.