Elzetta bravo and alpha.

Elzetta bravo and alpha for sale as a pair at this time.

The bravo has a crenlated bezel with high / stroble tail, and the alpha high and low.
Had for some 3 months only and making space, that’s all.
paid about $195 for the bravo and $130 for the alpha.
I’m looking for much less than this, of course.

the bravo has been dropped a few good times which was more of test drops than accidents and is still solid and working fine apart from drop damage on hard ground.

the alpha has been used around the home more than anything.
they are both also engraved with my name, so if your name is Darryl Young, you’ll be happy!.

i don’t know how to add pictures on here from an iPhone but I can email you some.
my email is darrylm4nn@gmail.com

looking for offers around £100 for both.
I have the receipts.

Thanks everyone.

What will you change your username to when you get rid of the elzetta lights?

Selling separate and will consider offers.

Offers ?.
Make me an offer shipped thanks.


£100 shipped.
Can also ship to USA.


Bumpy, any offers ?..