EMF Camp (geek camping festival, 2nd-5th June 2022 in the UK)

Is anyone else going to EMF Camp this year?

Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers.

You can still get tickets: https://www.emfcamp.org/

I’ll be there, with a load of flashlights, just in case it gets dark :smiley:

I’ve never heard of this, cheers for mentioning it. I’d luuuurve to go but can’t.

Have fun!

It should be on again in 2 years. Maybe see you then!

Hopefully :smiley: How was it?

It was excellent! Lots of electronic things, lasers, LEDs and computer stuff.