Emisar D3AA is available now

Well this is quite the coincidence, 12 hours after I posted about it one of my packages changed to “CAYVR / Despatched to overseas”

Maybe you guys can create a shipping thread, every time i see new posts, but it’s only shipping related.

I want to see flashlight news!

Exactly. too many shipping posts!

I already have. :wink:

s. The reason for that is because very few if any have the light[K1 SBT90.2]. We are All still waiting for it!

Nope, stuck in LAX since May 14th - think that's the same as the Baron - our packages have some of the same time stamps on updates.

Got a DHL order from Neal on the way as well. That one got stuck in HK for 5-6 days - weird for DHL, but just got movement today - in USA, Cincinnati now.

Neal's order includes an Amutorch E03 (kind enough to throw in a light of my choice) and a BLF D80V2. I had 1 or 2 of the old D80's so just had to get one of these new ones . I have just about every BLF light ever made, in my rather small, meager collection that is... :FACEPALM:

Something new is coming.


That does, indeed seem like it’s going to be a KR1. Looks like it will be comparable to a D1.

I’m still hoping there will be an extra-compact option in the future, not necessarily setting any performance records, but being a good EDC light.

Hank you need to give us some details!

Baron/Tom, my K1 is only 1 hour from my location now!

What magic shall this “something new” wield ? I must know !

21700 and USB-C? Please please! :innocent:

Ooo exciting! I’m hoping KR7

Moreover, what I would absolutely love to see Hank release would be a light based on the K1 handle. 21700 support and usb-c charging, but with a multi emitter head, either 7 or 9. I think that would be fantastic!

Form factor looks good.

I like the smooth transition from body to head, a design unique to rofis until now. Hoping for 21700 single emitter or quad with throwy optic.

Same ! I’m hoping for either a 18650 or 21700 with a W1 emitter…. but then again I probably should slow down on lights already eating into next years budget….

Single emitter with SBT90.2?

Finally 21700 in the compact, sorry the button is not in place but in the ass … :frowning:

Same here. This light is grossly overbuilt which is OK in general but not what I’m looking for.

Single cell with 3*SBT90.2, trendy 250W output, ultra low body weight at 25grams, reviewers then complain of direct drive circuitry not being efficient at
1W output and heating up too much at 250W output. :smiley:

Looks awesome, Hank!! Stoked for details.

Do you have a timeline for when the Nichia E21A will be available in the KR4?