Emisar D3AA is available now

Guess I should have chosen expedited shipping. My order placed 10 days ago has not shipped yet. :person_facepalming:

You know…… China has been on holiday since the first of October till the 8th so pretty much everything came to a close till festivities ended….

I saw that on BG or AE as well. hard to wait though :sunglasses:

XP-E2 Amber makes E21A 2000K R9050 look like a standard 2700K incandescent light bulb with perfect color rendering.

Beamshot: E21A 2000K R9050 vs XP-E2 Amber.

It has gone quiet :frowning: which is helping me save/plan for the perfect KR4 :sunglasses:

The new clip is already under production, it should be available within this month.

You should definitely get one in 4500K. I have a few Nichia 291B sw45k (also 4500K) emitters, which were being already praised for being a nice neutral tint, but in my opinion, that is too rosy, and even looks a bit rusty compared to E21A 4500K.

E21A 4500K is simply the best high power neutral tint, you can get currently. It is about perfect.

By the way, I am also expecting back 3500K into the available tint list, which is again a very good tint.

Awesome, thank you! really appreciate the input :smiley: :+1:

Got my shipping notice yesterday

Any pictures of what the clip looks like? or drawing?

I was disappointed in my d4v2 2700k. It seemed greenish. It could be because this chart shows its duv being higher than the others; right on the bbl while the others are below it. However, i then swapped it for 3000k and didn’t like that either. The warm ones may just be too ochre. Next will be 2000+3500.

I concur that e21a 4500k is the best tint so far. That’s definitely the one to buy now, but when 3500k returns that will give people more options.

I’ve modded two of these new emisars and consider it easy. The hardest part is getting the 6 wires back through the center of the mcpcb afterwords, but they can be pulled out and pushed back in to make this easier. There’s a lot of extra room on them. You also need to solder the main wires cleanly so that the aux board fits back in (duh).

Yes, pics of the clip please!

Side Note - I used a propane torch, 6’ vise and small hammer to straighten and re-bend my kr4 clip into a deep carry. It came out… as a deep carry. kind’ve off center and tarnished (the heat destroyed the polished look) but it worked great! i can share a picture if anyone’s interested.

Problem is, the heat weakened the metal and it broke, a couple of times. I fixed the break 2x but now its not worth it. I am debating doing it to my kr1 clip but i don’t have another clip backup after that.

Cant wait for the REAL deep carry to arrive in the store!

E21A, R9080, 3500K in stock.

I have KR4 E21A in both 4500k and 3500k. Could not pick between them, would be like picking a favorite child. 3500k beautiful warm rosy tint. 4500k extremely “clean”, neutral, rosy but not overly pink like sw45k. These are my 2 most carried lights by far at the moment. Buy both if funds allow!!

Dammit… now I’m really doing this… already have the gray kr4… guess it’ll be black and cyan. Oh whoa is me LOL

Thanks :partying_face:

Could not resist, ordered a D4V2.

Can D4SV2 be configured with E21A?

why tho? waste of capacity/power/size/thermal ability :slight_smile: e21a sips the power compared to the regular emitters… even makes 18350 cells cool and viable :smiley:

The Ledil Angie optic is a great optic. For all the LEDs I have used it with it is FAR superior to the smaller quads. If you are going to obsess about ultra high CRI might as well have a better optic and longer runtime.

I don’t know how good 7-LED optics are, but a “D4SV2” could probably fit 7x E21A, because it is similar size to Fireflies E07 (but Fireflies E07 does not offer E21A as an option).

We would just need a D4SV2-sized 7.5A CC driver and a D4SV2-sized 7x E21A-suitable board for 7-LED optics.

Or maybe we could have a “D4SV2” mule with 32x or even more E21A.