Emisar D3AA is available now

Random note of interest with the disclaimer that you attempt it at your own risk, but the FW3A pocket clip just barely fits on the D4V2.

Nestled down on the battery tube it’s a near perfect interference fit so it doesn’t come off when removing the tail cap, but actually getting the clip on required it to be carefully threaded onto the tube, wherein there’s a risk of damaging the battery tube threads.

Also needed a thin spacer to bridge the gap between battery tube and tail cap PCB, I used a piece of single strand copper wire and hammered it flat. Works perfectly and a much nicer user experience.

The pinch point between the clip and body lands right on the upper layer of knurling so it’ll be rough on pockets unless it’s filed down or epoxy of some sort is used to cover the knurling at that spot.

With this clip and a 219b sw45k swap, this might be tied for my favorite light in my collection.

I wonder if the US warehouse might have KR4 clips in stock at some point

I broke mine

Anyone from Canada receive their KR4’s yet ? I pre-ordered mine when it hit the site got updated saying it was mailed on the first of April but, no updates since then and Canadapost doesn’t even have the tracking number in the system yet.

Maybe I’m just overreacting especially since everything has been moving at crawling speeds.

17track.net is a good resource that can give you a bit more detail with tracking sometimes.

Just tried, it returned with “not found” and “not in the carrier’s system try again later” I would assume it would be in the system after close to a month after shipping confirmation.

Well, sort of. There's been some posts on how to do it on Windows, but TK doesn't do Windows - so her source code setup is for running on Unix/Linux. I am using the Windows based tools for compiling and linking Anduril but I have my own modified version. There's definitely better threads to post this on - we are kind off topic here.

This one would be a better start, not sure if it's the best one: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/47204

Sorry, I forgot with the carrier Hank uses you won’t be able to track it with 17track until the package is handed off to the final delivery carrier.

Was it shipped by 4PX? What does it show when tracked from them?

Yes it was by 4PX, it indicated “HK / Hand over to airline” for the last update on the 4th of April.

Mine arrived at the HK airport the same day, and it made it to the USA 3 days later. I received mine on the 17th of April. I live in Florida. The package was handed off to DHL and then USPS. I did have one package from 4PX that was never scanned or there was an issue in their system and it just arrived with no tracking. But most likely the delay is related to COVID-19 and stress it has placed on the shipping industry.

Hank, will you be restocking the D4V2TI blue swirls version?

I figured it could be very likely the case, I was just curious if anyone from Canada had gotten theirs.

Most of the orders from China to the US/UK/DE are shipped via special service which take about 2~3 weeks to arrive.

But there is no special service to Canada, thus we can only use Singapore post, while Singapore post shipping
time depends on the airline service, and since most of the airline service has been canceled due to the virus issue,
so, almost all the orders to Canada are stuck at “hand over to airline” status for weeks.
Once the order is shipped, it’s out of our control, we kindly ask you to wait longer.

Thank you for explaining and the link.

This is very extensive and interesting but I was hoping for a way to just make config changes to the latest Anduril as published by Toykeeper. For instance, to change switch LED brightness or turn them off or whatever. This would be very interesting, if it were possible.

Hank what tint bin of SST-20 4000k is in the D4SV2 being sold from the US Warehouse? I would like to buy one but it would need to be FA3/FD2 tint. If so, I will order one. Really enjoying the tint on my KR4. Thank you.

Noctigon K1, SBT90.2 version is coming, 4500lm, 420Kcd, 5A constant current.

:+1: I guess this uses a version of the driver from the KR4 with linear regulated current and direct drive mode. 5A regulated current works well in this situation IMO because that is nearly 1 hour mode which I find is a useful duration.

Every other flashlight purchase has been put on hold :smiley:

A K1 SBT90.2 is happening. Nice!!

YES! This makes me so happy! Thank you Hank :smiley:

Ooh, nice!
What price range do we need to save up for?

15W gets 4500 lumens? I thought the 90.2 was only a 3V led?

djozz’s text Luminus SBT-90 gen2 5700K tested (SBT-90-WDS-F72-SA600 SA-H4, from Neal)