Emisar D4 drop tested anyone?

Guys and Gals…

I was wondering if anyone has done any drop testing on the Emisar D4. I just got mine in and I guess I could but I was really hoping to keep this one looking new for while. Some people hate those test and I do sometimes but I would like to know at least any stories of others may be at least accidentally dropping theirs. I would love to know if the cheaper price tag shows up in the durability department.

the driver has no heavy parts that could rip off during drop, so no much risk there
landing with bezel on concrete still might kill the glass lens

An inquiry from a potential buyer about D4 durability came up in the main D4 thread, and I gave my input.

I haven’t seen a torture test, but I’ve dropped my D4 a few times from waist height onto concrete and other hard surfaces. No issues other than a few scrapes.

If you foresee breaking a lens, perhaps ask to purchase a few spares from Intl-Outdoor when you buy the D4.

There are glass lenses on the accessory page, but oddly the D4 lens isn’t listed.

BTW, the D4’s glass lens measures 25.5mm diameter and 1.5mm thick. It would be neat to find a source for a non-glass lens of that size.