Emisar D4 UI question.

Hello all. Just got my D4 yesterday. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. What an awesome little light. Just a quick question regarding the UI. Is there any shortcut to get it to the max regulated level after ramping (aside from doing a quick open close from the tailcap)? I know it blinks twice at all levels but it does it pretty quick, and I’m never sure if I got it in time. Thanks.

Tsouzee, I believe the D4 goes direct to Max by simply Double-pressing at any time (either from Off or even while On). Once the light is on Max, a Double-press again, returns to the previous level.

edit - my mistake, I mistakenly thought you was asking about max for entire range and missed the “regulated” reference. As P220C said below.

The only way to quickly get to max regulated mode is to temporarily unscrew the tail cap.

^ Thanks! Just wanted to confirm.

I also thought unscrewing the cap was the only way.

Sometimes I just ramp it up just past the blink, then ramp it back down and let off just after the blink. I know it is in regulation then but not at 100% though maybe 90-95%