Emisar D4 V2 ti ordered by mistake a Samsung 30Q Button Top

Hi all together
I just got a new Emisar D4 V2 ti flashlight. By mistake i ordered instead of a flat top Samsung 30Q battery i ordered a button top Samsung 30Q battery. I inserted the battery and the flashlight closes fine and works. Should i avoid using it? Can i damage anything inside by using it?
I’m thankful for any advice

If it fits probably not. You need to judge how much force you need to put the tail cap on. If the battery sticks out more than 3/8 inch, its probably too long.

I made a pic of the battery looking only around 4-5mm out. The button top is real small on the Samsung 30Q compared to a flat top. But still it’s a strange feeling using a wrong battery and i don’t want to damage my new flashlight lol

Button tops are spot welded, you can pry them off if you want, carefully because the case is negative around it.

Hold it in one hand like pic and push the battery down, does it take a lot of force?

Thank you for your reply. No it does not take much force to insert the battery. I went out to buy a 18650 Battery and found a Samsung 35E 18650 Battery. It’s a flat top model. I know a 30Q would be much better, but i hope the 35E will do till i find a 18650 30Q flat top.

It’s fine no need to worry.