Emisar D4V2 Flash Kit Instructions (Official How To)


I really appreciate that you updated the model list to include the MCU info.

Not to impose, but it would seem like a one-stop shop if the models page also had a link to the firmware applicable to each model instead of going to a different page to look up the description and try to determine the applicable firmware. That list might be too fluid to even consider such an option, so this might not be a practical suggestion.

Just curious if that might be a possibility at some point in the future?

Putting together a friendly, convenient one-stop-shop site would certainly make things easier for users… but it would also change the nature of what is expected. The more polished and professional the presentation, the more people expect the payload to be safe and robust.

So I haven’t attempted to make a user-friendly site for the latest builds. All I have is a primitive file dump for whatever I’ve updated recently. It’s pretty rough around the edges, because that roughness communicates something important to anyone who uses it — these are not highly-tested builds, polished and ready for widespread use. They are to be used at your own risk.

Basically, instead of paving a concrete walkway with guard rails, I’ve left it as a dirt path surrounded by weeds… because it lets people know the nature of what they’re getting into.

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No worries then as long as folks don’t mind questions about firmware for different lights.

I appreciate the work you do!

I got everything all sorted out and I have reflashed EVERYTHING. The only thing I’m confused about is my fw3a with sst20 at first I reflashed it with the fw3a219 hex but the power seemed really lacking so I tried just the fw3a hex and when I double click for turbo it cuts out it isn’t frying my LEDs I don’t think cuz it turns back on but I’m not sure what I need to reflash

The SST-20 can handle the FET. Maybe you have the new FET+1 driver (instead of the old FET+5+1) and because there is no third channel it just goes dark. Not sure which version Lumintop is shipping with their lights now, but I also wouldn’t buy them anymore.

That’s what I thought and I also figured if I was going to burn up the LEDs they wouldn’t turn back on. I could be wrong but something seems a little off when I look at the driver I see 1 7135 chip something else I don’t recognize and then the MCU so I’m not entirely sure but the fw3a219 works but it does seem a little underpowered

As SammysHP said, and as described at the top of the FW3A thread, recent FW3A drivers are not compatible with the original FW3A firmware.

Usually it’s a good idea to write down the numbers from Version Check before reflashing, to make sure the new firmware is the same build target as the old firmware. It sounds like it’s too late for that though, so perhaps you could make a compatible build by starting with a FET+1 t85 firmware (like the original Emisar D4) and adding the “#define USE_SOFT_FACTORY_RESET” option. It would probably work.

I just got a new Emisar D4SV2 SW3500\4500K mix that blinks out

I would have thought I needed the D4SV2 b219 hex file, but model 0262 links to k9.3-no fet hex file.

Which updated file should I flash to update this new light? I’m getting conflicting info.

It’s a version with tint ramping, so you want this firmware: anduril.2021-11-03.emisar-d4sv2-tintramp.hex

Early models shipped with the firmware for the K9.3.

I flashed my D4V2(kr4 driver) to anduril 2. Now i would like to go back to anduril 1, which hex file should i use? KR4.hex or D4V2.5.hex file?

Use one of the previous d4v2 hex files from TK here Index of /torches/fsm

If it has the newer regulated driver (not FET+1), use the KR4 hex.

Are you sure? This is simply a dual emitter D4SV2 with the SW35 and SW45 emitters. It came with 2021.01.25.0262. I tried the D4SV2-219 hex file but the light wouldn’t work. So I flashed 2021.10.25-noctigon-k9.3-nofet.hex and it works fine.

I just tried 3H from on to test the tint ramp feature and it locked up the light. I had to do a tailcap reset to regain control. I’m pretty sure this is a single channel light. Unless I misunderstood what you were trying to tell me.

Is that for Anduril 1?

I used this for Anduril 2 files:

Edit: oh wait. You were replying to Zvezdnadevuszka. Nevermind.

All my D4V2’s have the KR4 regulated driver. For what would i use theD4V2.5 hex file?

Maybe for D4 with aux leds? They were added later.

The D4v2.5 is an obsolete target. It was replaced later with the KR4 firmware. Don’t use it anymore.

I have similar models. D4v2 sw35 model #0212 with A2 dated 2021.05.07. Flashed noctigon-kr4-nofet.hex file, no issues

D4Sv2 W2, A1 no code. Flashed emisar-d4sv2.hex first time didn’t work, said completed with errors and unresponsive to power/click. 2nd time completed with errors but this time the torch works fine. Is everything ok with the D4S despite the “with errors”?

I flashed my D4VS2.W2 with 2021.10.25-emisar-dvsv2.hex. The first time it flashed with errors, but worked ok. I flashed it again and this time it flashed with no errors, but I couldn’t tell any operational difference.

Are you using ZFlasher AVR to flash the light? Whoever created that app is genius! :wink: