EMISAR D4V2 What we need to see in this version

Before it's too late I wish to see these improvements on the EMISAR D4V2 on both aluminum and Titanium (if happened)

1. The most important thing is NEW POCKET CLIP!!

The one they are using is the worst clip I ever seen!! It is true pocket shredder! And that's not the worst thing about it!! It's very very hard to remove from the light it self and it looks very ugly and big.. check out the Zebralight SC64 series it looks awesome

2. Warm white XPL Hi? Did you like your FW3A with this led and color temp? I want to see it on the Emisar D4 V2

3. Better beam shape. By that I mean perfect circle hot spot for more throw. No weird shape and diffused light

4. How about better quality switch? I don't like the one with my 3 Emisar D4 Zebralight Switches feels better

5. High CRI option with no green tint in 4000k temp

Considering the D4v2 is shipping within a week I think it’s far too late to expect any new changes before they ship.

1. The D4v2 uses the same clip as late-run D4 lights. Supposedly better than the early run D4 clips, but it’s still not a new clip. Also I suspect the D4v2 clip will be a pocket shredder since the clip rests on the knurling on the body tube.

2. I suppose they could add more emitter choices in the future. The current batch of D4v2 up for preorder doesn’t have 3000K XPL HI though.

3. Beam shape is governed by the optic and emitter choice. You’re not really going to end up with a throwy light using a shallow quad optic. These are flooders, not throwers. That said, I suppose the emitters could be swapped with Oslon White 2 for extra throw.

4. Agreed Zebralight switch is better. It would also be nice if the switch were recessed to make accidental pocket activation less likely. However, I think neither option is likely at this point. Changing the switch would likely require changes to the body of the light. And making the switch more recessed would require either changing the body, or changing the switch retaining ring.

5. High CRI option with no green tint in 4000K would be lovely! But finding those emitters in large enough quantity for a production run is difficult.

I know it's not a thrower light but I mean perfect circle hot spot just like high end custom made flashlights..

High end custom flashlight often uses the same components found in “cheap” lights, with the only difference of emitter choice. Luxeon V2 could the the emitter for the no-artifacts beam you’re after. Or single emitter + reflector.

If you’re referring to the “pinwheel” effect that D4’s that shipped for perhaps the first 6 months or so have in the beam, this was reported to be significantly improved quite a while back with the use of a new MCPCB that, instead of all the emitters being in the same orientation, mounts the emitters at 11 degree increments from adjacent emitters.

I can’t confirm the level of improvement personally. The pinwheel effect hasn’t bothered me enough to make reducing it a very high priority.

Those high end, custom flashlights don’t have optics that defy the laws of physics. In a triple it quad there will always be some beam artifacts when the light is close to whatever it’s lighting up.

It’s too late I’m sure. But it can’t keep me from wishing.
I’d like to be able to set the brightness and time-out on the Sunset mode.
The long time it takes on the SP36 is too long for me.
I’d like to be able to set it to something like 5 minutes.
All the Best,

the light looks very cool as it is, I ´think

At least give us Zebralight SC64/63 like pocket clip and premium quality switch...

There is no changing what has already been shipped. I just received the DHL tracking info from Hank. I should have my D4v2 on July 2nd, unless there is a customs delay.

BTW. the original D4 did have an awful clip, but it had been improved later on.

“Premium quality switch” What qualities is the switch in the D4 lacking?

I don’t really understand most of those complaints. The pocket clip retains fabric very well. The switch does what it’s supposed to do just fine. The optic doesn’t produce a beam with a perfectly edged hot spot, but people using their lights normally aren’t going to care. The SST-20 green tint isn’t that bad in the D4, IMO. I can totally live with it, although I couldn’t live with it in the D4S.

I’ve got to say that I think going with Andruil was a mistake. It’s just too complicated and the original UI had a pretty comprehensible level of complexity. The only thing I’d change in the UI would be adding mode memory that lasted even when the battery was disconnected. Maybe make the thermal ramp-down a little smoother, like on the D4S. The only think I’d change with the physical parameters would be to make the switch recessed, like on the D4S or a Zebralight, so I don’t have to worry about the light coming on in my pocket.

Welp, I guess we’re all different. I’m glad it’s got Anduril.

Me too. I much prefer Anduril.

Best part about Anduril is you can set the top of the ramp to a level just below it where it would burn a hole in pants pocket. Goes a long way towards making the light safe for EDC without having to use lockout.

I’ve only ever destroyed 2 pairs of pants to my flashlight burning through the pocket… but both times it was caused by an Emisar D4.