Emisar D4V2 with Boost driver question

I don’t have a D4V2. I know that is shocking in itself.

Am I correct in my assumption that the boost driver offered in the D4V2 would have a 12-volt output and place the emitters in series with a 2 amp current. (The Emisar specs state each led will get 2 amps maximum… run cooler, less bright than with FET driver).

If that is correct does anyone know what MCPCB is used for series emitters, or if the parallel MCPCB has cut and jumped races?

If nobody knows I guess I’ll ask Hank next.

Correct, 12V with a 4S MCPCB. I don’t see it listed on Hank’s site (only the 4P) but you can probably order the regular 4P one and then email him and request the 4S version.

Could also be 2S2P- I ordered a K1 driver last week, and there are 3v, 6V, 12v options, I wonder if the D4V2 is the same?

Edit to add: quahog is most likely correct, I was just trying to say other Emisar drivers are available in 3 voltage options

AFAIK, the D4(K,S) only has the linear driver and the 12V boost driver (which has 4 LEDs in series, so 3V across each).

I’m not sure about the DT8K boost driver but my guess would be 4S2P there.