Emitter color in Convoy biscotti?

So narrowing down my search for a flashlight I decided to look for the Convoy S2+ with the latest biscotti firmware. I found it on Banggood. Instead of it asking me what tint I want in the light, like with other flashlights, it asked me what emitter color I want:blue, green, changeable, RGB. What’s that about?

By the way, I read that this light is available with an OP reflector, but I haven’t found that option in online stores. Maybe not looking in the right place. Does anybody know where that is available?

What is the link to the S2+ RGB? It sounds like a mistake.

The o.p. reflector is standard in the black, grey, red, green, and blue S2+. The smooth is in the clear (silver) and in the desert tan (aka Tusken Raider brown or mapache brown :stuck_out_tongue: ) The o.p. reflector is also available on its own from here and from Simon on AE.

Are those body color choices ?
How about adding a link ?

I’m going to have to eat crow on this one, but only because the Convoy S2+ with biscotti doesn’t even appear in Banggood this morning. I looked at it several times since I read about it because of the multiple mode options. And each time when I went to choose my options, there was an “emitter” option which, when clicked, took me to a page with the colors I mentioned (they couldn’t have been body colors since one of them was “changeable” and another was “RGB”). Whether I was on the website or going through the app, I can’t remember, although I think it was the app.

But whatever was the case then, I don’t see it for sale on Banggood now. I suspect it’s been removed since I saw it. But I have no evidence, so I’ll let that rest. However, it is for sale on Aliexpress. And if I go with that rather than with the Wowtac A1S or A3S, I’ll need to get a battery. And that, being a beginner, has started yet another round of review reading to find a good one (with a charger) that doesn’t cost as much as the flashlight.

I’ve seen this happen before on mobile, I think their selector gets messed up.