Emitter test results pt3: SSC Z7


The SSC Z7 has been out a few months now, but not a lot of info is available on them as of yet. To the rescue comes "Crystal" from LightCastle.com who sent me two bare emitters for testing/torture. I must apologize here for the procrastination, for they did arrive a few days before Christmas, but having taken a small sabbatical from the forums here lately, I'm only getting around to posting the info now.

Here you can see the new SSC Z7 on the right, along side an old xre q5 on the left. I wanted to run the test with the emitter mounted on a star to show real world results more closely (although this emitter is begging for a copper mount). Thankfully the pad dimensions are similar enough to the xre that I was able to re-use one of those.

Notice that the SSC on the right does allow for individual addressing of each of the 4 emitters, much like the cree MC-E and P7.

A quick reflow later, we're in business and the testing starts. Something I'm going to start doing with all my tests now is graphing vf at the various levels, which I at least find to be good info especially in DD applications.

Here's the two graphs:

Comparing it to the cree XML-T6, we see that it is a bit more efficient across the board, not to mention outstanding low current output. The SSC Z7 is putting out just over 250L at 600ma. I'm just speculating, but I think this emitter may find a niche in floody 1xAA headlights and small primary flashlights.

As of yet, I cannot comment on tint or beam pattern, because I haven't installed it into a light. I'll update here with thoughts/pics when I do.

As always, thanks for reading,


p.s. - One of these days I will get around to making one HUGE graph and table showing all the emitters I've tested thus far....should make it easier to compare directly one to another without swapping tabs.

p.p.s - Be sure to tell Crystal "thanks" for donating the emitters for testing!

Thanks for doing this Match! Either tonight or tomorrow I will be adding the SSC-Z7 to my emitter thread. :D

Thanks! :)

But.. XR-E2? Should that mean XP-E2 or MT-G2? :D

I've already done the XP-E2 and MG-T2 emitters . Those results are in the previous thread.

I think he is pointing out that there isn't a XR-E2, as far as I know at least...

Match .

Thanks for doing what you do .

^This and I was implying copper mount and Vf graphs. Cant hurt to ask for that.^^

Damm it takes a lot of current to get it over 1000 lumen! I’m sure I was looking at a light that used this emitter before Christmas, now, I’m not sure if I should have grabbed it or not.

I do agree, an edc at 2.2a would still provide an impressive amount of light, you just really have to want to get a thousand lumen out of the damm thing. J)

Thanks match. Nice job.

I was wondering about that SSC-Z7. I almost bought a P60 one just to compare beams. Nice output, but bigger than xml for the same output I guess. Nice for flood if the beam isn’t too ugly.

Thanks Match.
Will be interested to see what sort of lights get these.

Tbanks match your the greatest!

According to Cree as of moments ago, this is their line-up.

Discrete (Directional)XLamp XM-L2
_XLamp XP-E2
XLamp XB-D
XLamp XM-L
XLamp XP-C
XLamp XP-E
XLamp XP-G
XLamp XP-G2
XLamp XR-C
XLamp XR-E
XLamp XT-E White_

Nice looking emitter there, but I’m going to assume the same or similar “donut” in the beam as other 4 die emitters have shown. A TIR with diffused face would take care of that of course, but that would also imply that this isn’t a great thrower. I’m probably wrong, as someone will make one to throw well!

Nice test, interesting results, thanks for the work on that and thanks for the emitter donor!

XR-C I’ve never heard of. Is it a small XR-E?

Apparently the XR-C is a 90º viewing angle low output emitter designed for multi-emitter applications for interior lighting product. 87 lumen at 2W in group Q2, it looks much like the XR-E with the silver ring around the dome. Offered in the 3 white light modes (warm, neutral, cool) as well as several colors, blue green amber red-orange red.

Yeah, but 400 floody lumen from 1 amp of current is good stuff.

I noticed that myself, very nice output at low amperage….easily managed heat? Pretty cool. So does this mean that 3A to 3 emitters would yield a very cool 1200 lumens? Does it work out that 5A would drive 5 of these to a nice wall of light at 2000 lumens? Interesting. Very interesting.