EMS prefix inquiry

For those who used EMS from Hongkong one time or another. What letters do the tracking numbers usually start with? I have been reading it should start with the prefix EE,EA,EV,EQ , but the one I recently got has a prefix of CP.

First they change my courier from Fedex without informing me, and now I think they just used ordinary mail, although tracking is working, and it shows a step by step route on where it is on hongkongpost's website, I don't usually get a step by step route on my other packages from HK.

CP might be using other Express couriers like Leopard Express, 4px etc... But i have never seen CP. They are very fast as well, as fast as DHL/Fedex as they "piggyback". Local presence/service level might differ a bit, just that....but not much. It could be faster from CN->HK leg.

I'm actually getting an idea that it's just regular registered mail(maybe 1st class), since it's been 2 weeks since it was shipped and it has not reached our shores.

From what I remember, CP is normal postal package.

Thanks for the input. Probably the reason why after 2 weeks the package has not arrived yet. Holidays and all 2 weeks is too long for EMS.