ENDED- Bike Light with 1 XM-L and 2 XP-E + 6400mah 7.4V Battery pack + switch remote + Charger

I have been keeping this deal to myself for a while now. Time to share it with the world! Was $23 (Update $34 now)

Click here:

Updated: $34 Shipped - 3x CREE 1800 Lumens XM-L T6 LED 6400mAh +2x XPE R2 LED Bike Light

Model of LED: 2xCREE XPE R2 LED + 1xCREE XM-L T6

Output bright can come to max 1800 lumens [lm] (Realistically, about 1200 or so lumens)

Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent

Waterproofing design Aluminum alloy casing Aluminum alloy reflector

3 switchMode: 1xCREE XML T6 / 2xCREE XPE R2 / 1xCREE XML T6+2xCREE XPE R2

100v-240v Battery Charger ( LED indication for Power On / Charging / Full charge )

Model of Battery required: 1 x 8.4v 6400mAh Battery Pack Suitable for all weather conditions

Specifications: Color:Black Bicycle Light Size: 82*58*52mm Net weight:619g Package weight:689g

Packing content: 1 x 3x CREE LED 1800 Lumens Bicycle Light 6 x Rubber ring for installation 1 x 8.4v 6400mAh Battery Pack 1 x Charger (100v-240v)

Pics from MTBR reviewers below! Not mine.

Assuming you have one? What can you tell us about it? I’d like to know opinions on real-world use. When you run the XML vs when you run the XPE’s vs. when you run all three. Runtimes? Beamshots?

I’m curious what kind of exploding surprise is waiting in that battery pack? Or are they actually good cells (I highly doubt the latter, for $23).

So far, I have had mine a few months and really can't complain as it is an amazing deal just for the head and remote switch, even if you were to throw away the "crappy" cells that come with it. Heck, to me just the remote switch alone is worth $20 as I really want to hook it up to some other light's I have.

In Mode 3, this light is too bright for oncoming traffic, and people actually flash there high beams at me occasionally, then I switch to single XM-L mode so not to blind them.

I ordered a few more of these, specifically just to mod, as I plan on building a 16x18650 7.4V battery pack with this Protection Circuit Module (PCM) with Equilibrium Function for 7.4V Li-Ion Battery Pack (20A limit) and seeing what happens if I switch out all the LED's to XM-L2 U2

Here is a thread with members reviewing the light a few years ago on mtbr.

As for the batteries, yes they are cheap no name brand cells, but my "crappy" battery pack that came with last a very long time as you can see above. I only plan to build my own pack to charge my phone and run the light for a very, very long time before needing a recharge. Needless to say, I will not be throwing out the original battery pack once I complete my mega-battery pack. I will say they work very, very well for some cheap, "crappy" cells!

Ya, for the money, it is easily the best bike light to be had by far with all that it comes with. Not even a cheap solarforce x2 can this this baby!

dumb question but is that (2) 18650 cells in the battery pack?

That's not a dumb question! The answer is no, it is 4x18650 7.4V 2S2P battery pack. So 4 cells in the battery pack. On the 1st and 2nd mode, you should get anywhere from 6-9 hours, and on the 3rd mode it should get about 2 hours.

The auction says 4 sold in the last hour, Behold the awesome power of BLF!
I am going to put it on one of my vintage Mini Bikes.
Thanks for the Lead/Info blfdemigod.


No problem. It must have been a stroke of luck I stumbled on this auction, and that was after looking at thousands of bike light auctions and buy it now's. This one is by far the best deals there is, if not the best deal there is, by leaps and bounds for a bike light. Heck I might just have to buy 1 more... lol. I already got 1, and another 2 on the way, but it wouldn't hurt to have a fourth one as backup, you know!

Looks like it’s throwing out quite a bit of light, do you have another light to compare it against like a C8, SRK, etc?

I have one. The SRK is quite a bit brighter. So is the Warrior.

Thanks for the tip, has ordered two piece … :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a pretty bright light, but my SRK 4XM-L2 is about twice as bright as this light, as my SRK is almost 90% flood and about 10% throw.

This bike light actually throws further, like 3x as far than my SRK though (bike light has a single XM-L with deep SMO reflector), and is about half the flood of my SRK.

Like I said, this is the best budget bike light of 2014!!! At least until is sells out, or until the seller realizes he has priced this way too low and decides to raise the price.

Anyways, get it now while you can!!!

Thank for all the info and the beamshots. It looks like a great deal. I am tempted, but, in typical BLF fashion, I might want to get something a little brighter, maybe with multiple XM-L’s. There is a very cool Trustfire I saw in a thread recently.

Nevermind. That one is around $70, and definitely not worth the difference in price.

Buy a few, or three like I did and mod one of them, change out the XP-E for XM-L2. That's what I plan to do! Heck I might roll with 2 of these on my handlebars!

Overkill, I love it!

To be honest, although it seems like once for all solution to bike light… it is not.
it works wonderful as a flood light, but when you turn everything ON at the same time… it just show intense hotspot mix with flood.
And unfortunately you can’t aim the lights separately, so if you aim the flood( the two small lights) low on the ground then you won’t be able to aim the throw ( the bigger light) higher thus you won’t be able to see far ahead.
but if you aim the throw light higher then your flood is reduced not too mention it will blind oncoming traffic or other bikers.
I was so tempted about cutting the joint between the throw light and the flood lights so I can aim them separately,
but instead I use that light as flood and use other single light as throw to see far ahead

btw using the battery pack that came with it on full mode ( everything ON ) it last about 30 mins, as soon as you turn full mode the power button turn red to give you low battery warning

Ya, its not the "perfect bike light" but it is a very very good "perfect budget bike light". You must have got a truly crappy battery with horrible cells, as the battery I received with mine last almost 1.5-2 hours on full mode.

I really, really like this light for the price I paid though. You can't beat $23 for the light, it so cheap you could buy 2 or 3 and angle them any which way you please!

Also, it you guys are wondering how to center it on your bike, Action LED makes this handlebar mount here:

Handlebar Mount MT-204 for $18 - Not necessary, but very useful, and looks good!

Ohh… no argument there about the price, it is a very good price for this light.
sorry I didn’t mean to sound like I’m trashing this light as junk.it is not a bad light at all, in fact I have to control myself very hard from purchasing this light :slight_smile:
you’re right… the batteries that came with the lights is crap as most other bike lights too.
1 1/2 –2 hrs runtime on full mode(HIGH)? it’s kind hard to believe, non of my other 7 bike lights are able to last that long either with the stock batteries that came with it on HIGH mode.
I have to resort buying other higher Amp battery pack :slight_smile: