ENDED - Giveaway Skilhunt H01 from Banggood - Winner is kronological

The Winner is: kronological

Here's a giveaway courtesy of Banggood.

I have not modded it at all. I reviewed it here.

The giveaway is open to any member who has been a member on or Before 09/20/2014.

Post here if you want in. Your post# is your lucky number.

I use Random.org to pick a winner. I will pick a winner sometime during the 24 hour period of 09/25/2014

Good luck!

Not sure why 15 reads and no posts but I aint bashful. Count me in.

we are all waiting to avoid lucky number one. its a tradition
edit: sorry, I forgot to mention I am in!

Sure why not. If it gets hot now I’ll see if I can make it melt. Thanks OL.

Count me in OL. :slight_smile:
i lost my only other 90-degree style headlight last month, and this would be a good replacement.

Thanks OL, count me in. No headlamps here, something I could use.

I was slow to reply as I was reading the review. I’m sure #1 has equal chance of getting picked. Pretty sure at least. Well, not sure enough to reply first. Okay, post 1 will probably get picked eventually, right?


If you ship to germany as well, count me in.
I need a good headlamp for repairing my 2 motorbikes in my garage (with no electricity in it)

Nice 18650 headlamp. Thanks OL.

I still don’t have a headlamp :slight_smile:
So I’m in, thanks!

No headlamp here either. Thanks for counting me in!!

I’m in, thanks!

Please count me in too. Thanks

i am in , thanks.

please count me in


Ooo. that looks nice

Excellent, I am in….

I’m in, thanks.


nice :slight_smile:
i’m in :smiley: