ENDED! Latvia only! AA Eneloop Pro 4pack 9.99e and regular AA Eneloop's 6.99e 4pack!

Update: Looks like they have upped prices a bit.

NTG.LV, local online store selling Eneloop Pro’s and Eneloops for cheap, I doubt they have been cheaper in recent years:

” AA Eneloop 2000mAh, 6.99e”:http://www.ntg.lv/baterijas/2878-ltk-sanyo-eneloop-aa-4x-ready-to-use-rechargeable-battery-akumulatori-4-gab-ldjams-baterijas-2000-mah-12v-1500x.html

” AA Eneloop Pro 2450mAh, 9.99e”:http://www.ntg.lv/baterijas/2826-sanyo-eneloop-xx-aa-4x-ready-to-use-rechargeable-battery-akumulatori-ldjams-baterijas-1-gab-hr-3uwxb-2500-mah-12v-4-gab.html

They show that 3 packs of each left in store, but after those 3 are gone they automatically update stock status and show 2 or 3 left, I wanted to buy few packs of Pro’s, but when I got around to buying them only two were left so I bought two, I refreshed the page and it showed that two more packs left, I thought that they had glitch in the system and to make sure that I get those batteries I bought these two packs again, In the end it showed 3 packs left and I happily picked up all 4 packs at their store at Stabu street in Riga.