~~ENDED~~ [US Only] Free Thrunite Ti3 v2 on Thrunite.com (with $5.95 shipping fee)

Ordered nw one. Just saw this thread. Thanks. Can you reverse the clip for use on cap?

Yes. Ti3 comes with reversible clip

This is the same UI as the TH20. It took me way too long to figure that out and it is indeed frustrating. What I am most embarrassed by was how long it took me to realize that you just needed to release and re-hold to change direction of the ramp. Now that I have that figured out, and given the fact that it has memory as well as direct access to high and moonlight, it is a very useable UI for me. It isn’t that bad to fiddle with the ramp to get the level I want and then it will hold that level in memory. Usually if I want a different level I will frequently want max output for a short time or I will want moonlight. Both direct. No problem.


Ordered CW before NW got here while I can. Have an unrelated question. Haven’t been paying as much attention to this forum in the last year as I should have. Using my lights plenty just haven’t been keeping up. Question is is there anything new I need to know about. Know about LEP technology.

This is untested yet besides the low resistor was tested. Guessing from what I have seen from other drivers with this 3 parallel different value resistor stack
The Low resistor measures 200 ohms, a higher value will make a lower low. I tried 470 ohms and thats to high a value with a shaved 3500k LH351D 90cri.
I have several different values of resistors on order to try to find my perfect low. I prefer a firefly low, just enough to see in pitch black darkness without tripping on stuff.
I took pics this time when I modded one of these Ti3’s to a cree XPG3 in photo red 645nm. XPGDPR-L1-0000-00F01

NW factory Ti3 on the left, shaved LH351D 3500k 90cri on the right. White balance set at 5000k.
The factory NW Ti3 has noticeable green around the cornea in person that doesn’t show so much in the pic.

White balance set to 4500k.

Ti3 with XPG3 in photo red 645nm.

My pic doesn’t look anything like it does in person. The hotspot is a deep red fading into the spill which is less intense. The beam pattern looks just like original but the color is a deep red with a very intense deep red hotspot. My lumen tube reported 30 lumens using a eneloop pro but it looks way brighter than that. I was surpprised at just how bright it is using a 1.5v battery, maybe it has something to with the color and my eyes. I dont think anyone has tested a XPG3 photo red yet to know what its capable of. I purchased 3 red leds to try LH351H, XP-E2, and XP-G3. The XP-G3 has a larger die than the other two with a higher max current of 1.5 amps, so thats the one I decided to go with. Using a Li-ion in this light should be interesting with the right setup.
All the pics above where taken in low mode with the factory 200 ohm resistor.
Top: shaved LH351D 3500k 90cri
Bottom: XP-G3 photo red.

These pics are just a reference, for one I’m no photographer, for two what you actually see in person can vary alot from a phone pic.

Outstanding work and info shared
really like the comparison photos

and appreciate the Red LED info too

using red light is for fully dark situations… I dont think it needs to be very bright to see at close range

great idea to use Ti3 hosts for red LED experiments…

here is another inexpesive 3 mode twisty
looks like it was made by the same factory that produces the Ti3

Got one of each today. Liked NW more so ordered another.

I didn’t see this offer until a couple of days ago and grabbed one NW. I had one, but somehow lost it. Its a great little light for $6. It was my sole light on a 3 week backpacking trip a few years ago, never regretting making that choice.

Thanks to OP for posting this deal. I didn’t notice it until today, luckily the Ti3 is still available! I ordered two CW and one NW for less than $18 total. Very interested in seeing what a 0.04 lumen mode actually looks like compared to other flashlights I own. This is probably the least expensive firefly option light available if I’m not mistaken. I’m not even sure if I can get my apartment dark enough (big windows, even with blackout curtains) to make a firefly mode useful.

Coincidentally, my Fireflies Stainless AA just spontaneously showed up in USPS tracking today with delivery also today! That light is known to have PWM. How about the Ti3? Any PWM worth mentioning? I’m guessing since The Whispering indicated it’s a resistor limited FET driver, there’s no PWM to speak of? The Whispering Gallery - Modified Category - 7th Annual BLF/OL contest entry

Excellent! Good to hear this. Do you have a tip on trimming a filter in a perfect circle? I was thinking of using a compass…

Almost all of my nonsticky diffusion films, I just pop the glass, hold glass and film between my fingers, trim with scissors, scrupulously wash the glass and film(!) on both sides with detergent to make sure it’s all spotlessly clean, then reassemble everything.

On my Xeno, somehow I managed to trim the film so that it just stuck on the front face and doesn’t come off. Probably the edges wedged themselves in lightly between O-ring and bezel or O-ring and glass. Some bubblegum or tape or anything, and it’d pop right off.

Anyone know where to source better glass for these? Preferably not-AR coated?

Jon_slider found some Sapphire glass for the RRT-01 at ebay. I think I remember him saying that someone would custom size these also.
If you search ebay for sapphire watch glass they have several offerings but none I see that would fit the Ti3. I think it could be sanded down to fit.
Hopefully Jon_slider can way in, as he did alot of reasearch with sapphire glass.

You can save 5% off your order by using code “THRUNITE”.
I ordered two more just now and it saves .60 cents ordering two Ti3’s.

What is wrong with the glass it came with?

If you dont like AR, have you considered removing the coating?

If you dont like the tint, changing the glass is not going to help, you need to change the LED.

true, but, Im not positive they are not coated, and they cost more than the Ti3

the ebay seller was
if someone wants to write and ask for a specific diameter and thickness, he is very helpful. The info thanks to Archibald Tuttle

Bottom line for me, the Ti3 needs an LED swap, not a lens swap

Agreed on the emitter swap. I have six Ti3 of various generations purchased between 2014 and early 2020. The ones I’ve purchased most recently are early “V2” models probably made in 2019. That model’s AR coating appears to remove more red than the earlier generations did (made even the 219b Sw45k look not-so-rosy). Polishing the AR coating off alleviated this but its a PITA.

edit: I’ll have to try that cleaning product. Thanks!

Hjeh, here we go… turning a 6buk light into a 26buk light. :laughing:

Hahaha. The problem of the pursuit of perfection.

Speaking of…anyone know of any MCPCBs for E21/E17 or Optisolis that we could swap into these Ti3s? The only source I know of has been out of stock for awhile.

I share your interest, but dont know of another source… maybe ask Clemence. His 3500k E21a in a Copper Tool: