~~ENDED~~ [US Only] Free Thrunite Ti3 v2 on Thrunite.com (with $5.95 shipping fee)

Ya gotta wait like 6sec before it “resets”.

Oh! It’s live again…hm, maybe I should get one this time.
The nice metal box makes it easy to gift too!

But I’m torn on whether I should get CW, since NW seems to be pretty green from the photos…

I made the comment last time that I actually prefer the CW <gasp!>, because NW is a bit yellow-green, but CW is definitely a bit blue in the spill, but a nice NW or even just-warm-of-NW in the hotspot.

NW is disgusting, and it is sold out…

so I bought Cool White, but it really makes no difference, since I plan to change the LED anyway

Okay haha, I’m convinced. CW it is!
And that’s a good point - I should take a shot at modding this too!

correction, NW white is not sold out

received a CW and NW Ti3
there is No Next Mode Memory… yay… :partying_face: :beer:

I cant stand Low CRI, especially not Low CRI NW

but they are moddable:

the keyring corner is sharp, but hidden when on a keyring…

thanks to moderator007 for researching and finding a great TiR for a floody beam mod:

Anyone have a clue on how to lower the high mode on these with a resistor swap or something? Would be great to get a 40-50 lumen high that lasts an hour+ or better.

They now have the Ti2 and in green also which I ordered. What can anyone tell me about it? How is the NW on this model? There seems to be a 2 model by this name but the one they’re selling looks like single mode.

yes single mode
same planform as Olight i3e

in my very biased opinion, the NW is absolutely disgusting. I say that about Every NW Low CRI LED I have seen. I am ONLY interested in HIGH CRI.

fwiw, the E3a is also the same planform, but unlike the other two, it offers a High CRI LED, so that is the one I would buy, IF I wanted a single mode 100+ lumen light. (I prefer the 3 mode Lumintop Tool w Nichia)

Thanks can always give away for 5.95

Mine arrived yesterday.
Picked NW simply because CW was not available when I ordered late in the day.
If you are in Canada and want CW you should put your order in before lunchtime.
Took 2 days for shipping but the warehouse of origin is less than a 30 minute drive from where I live.

Got one of two single mode ordered. Will only work with alkaline. No nimh even fresh off charger.

That bites!
Thanks for the warning, thought about a couple for gifts but not now.

All six of my Thrunite Ti3 work fine w Eneloop…

Every AAA light I have ever used, of any brand, works fine on Eneloop.

Mine too. This is the Ti2 have another ordered will see how the NW one does.

Ti2 is the deal now. Got 5 of the Ti3 all fine. Maybe the other Ti2 will be fine. Anyone else have experience with this model?

Kewl, just grabbed a coupla the green ones, tnx!

Just got notice they never made Ti2 in NW so changed my order to CW.

Got my second ti2 and it works with nimh not just alkileak

Noticed alkileak was shorter than nimh and things felt tight. Cut a coil off spring and works with nimh now.