~~ENDED~~ [US Only] Free Thrunite Ti3 v2 on Thrunite.com (with $5.95 shipping fee)

thanks for the first hand report…

glad this batch has No NMM
and is just normal LMH

I know the last batch of Titanium Ti3 had NMM… they are sold out now
but prior versions were normal LMH

Just doublechecked to make sure I wasn’t talking out my ass…

Yeh, reverts to firefly after 5-6sec. Not sure if “on-time” or “off-time” or whatever. Just wait a bit and it reverts to firefly.

I’m liking this little bugger. :smiley:

Thought I read it somewheres on BLF. Glad to read that NMM is not a feature with these current ones.

Oh, here is one mention (see post#6). Transitional period, maybe?: Thrunite Ti3 Review

Thanks, all!

post 6, thanks for the link, is a reference to a Titanium Ti3 that he bought off Amazon, and yes, it had NMM

that is why I think it is so much better, now that Lightbringer confirms NoNMM in these little black ones.

Thank you, Jon and Lightbringer! Sorry for any confusion.
I’m looking forward to receiving my Black Ti3 even more now!

Well that’s good news and 6 bucks is quite a deal.

The Whispering had to reverse engineer his Ti3 V2 to remove NNM

Thanks! Just bought a cool white one. Can I throw a 10440 in it or will i blow it up?

Still using an old ITP A3 EOS with a 10440.

Thanks for the heads-up blind-eye! Snagged one last night. Mt first multi-mode AAA twisty.


I went for the NW before I read this :frowning:

Yeah for what I spend on a :beer: , for me it is reasonable, but then again I’ve spent unreasonably before…


Meh, it’s actually not too terrible. In the dark, you’d probably adapt pretty quickly.

To me, a nice beefy AAA twisty for 6bux that’s like 2 days from ordered to delivered, I ain’t complaining at all.

(Yep, just got #2 a half-hour ago.)

My first Thrunites, too, and it all leaves me with a really good impression, so they’re not likely to be my last. :laughing:

I was about to let this deal pass, as I got plenty of these AAA keychain lights from Olight, Lumintop, Aidier, Ultratac, and Maratac. For $6 bucks though, might as well try the Trunite.
Thanks for the heads up deal. :+1:

Good reminder. My Wubens and Aider/Ultratac AAAs go mental when the cell is half-dead (random modes, won’t turn on at all, etc.). I should try one with this critter.

Oddly, the best little battery-vampyres are the cheapest 1-mode lights.

1.1V on my clampy-meter, and it works great. “High” ends up being a second medium, but I’ll certainly take it.

I’m getting more and more impressed. :laughing:

Anyone’s still interested, the 6buk sale is still on, but no more 1-per-customer-per-day, but maximum of 5!

No, I didn’t max out and get 5 more, just 2, and both CW to see if the tint is better/worse.

Go crazy…

I was hoping that shipping remained a flat $6 even if you ordered five, but it does not. In case anyone else was going to try it

Naw, that’d be a bit too obvious.

I’m fine with the 6bux shipped to my door in like 2 days. Best bargain I had in quite a while.

Nice light, nice “presentation box” (the tin), handles moribund cells well, seriously nice value for 6bux total.

Thanks for posting this! I wasn’t going to by any more lights for a while… Just looked at my Amazon order history and I got this light for $15.95 on 8/21/16. Just shy of 4 years now it has been in my pocket every day. Still works flawlessly. In many ways this is my favorite light. It’s been washed and taken a few hot tub sessions in my swim trunks. Never an issue.

Ordered the neutral white version. Will be interesting to see the difference. Mine is the cool white version. Still on Amazon for the same price but for 6 bucks I just couldn’t pass it up.

Love the moonlight for navigating the house at night without disturbing the SO. Mid is adequate for most things and 100+ lumen when you need it from something you don’t even notice in your pocket is pretty cool. The clip reverses so if you wear a baseball cap you can have an instant featherweight headlamp.

Sometimes a low battery will put it into some kind of a limp mode between moonlight and low and it will run that way for some time. However, once it gets to that level if you turn it off it may not come on again. I am just in the habit of swapping batteries frequently so I rarely see the issue. Mid mode with an IKEA 900 mAh battery runs well over 8 hrs. Close to 45 min on High IIRC.

Got my first one in NW a couple days ago. Great little light. Think it will make a good gift light so ordered 3 more.

Yeah, if it weren’t for Corona, I’d grab a few for gifts… Funds are tighter than my facemask

Can you guys who have recently received these confirm that they go back to starting on the lowest level after off for a short time? Next mode memory or last mode memory would bug me. I had heard that it was a mixed bag. Thanks.

Yes it has next mode memory but it resets back to firefly after ~10 seconds.

I just realized Ti3 V2 is different looking, it has the same body as Thrunite Ti