~~ENDED~~ [US Only] Free Thrunite Ti3 v2 on Thrunite.com (with $5.95 shipping fee)

So I thought I would compare the V1 and V2 models. I tested the current draw from the same eneloop battery on all three modes, and the V2 is slightly higher.

Next I ran the V1 and V2 on alkileak batteries, both starting at 1.59V, to see how long the lights would run. As of last night, it was 8 days, and both batteries are still over 1V. Early in the test, the V2 seemed a bit brighter.

Now that the batteries are both down at around 1.1V, the V2 is still drawing more current, even though its voltage is about 0.05V lower. The V2 is a bit dimmer also, even though it draws more current than the V1. Hmm, didn’t post this when I wrote it, the next morning the V2 is definitly brighter now,

So, you can get over 9 days (they’re still running) in moonlight mode on an alkileak battery for either one.

I took the battery out of the V1 to put in an eneloop and compare to the V2, of course the V1 with a fresh battery is brighter. Not so interesting. But, when I put the alkileak into the V1, it would not come on. Again, maybe not so interesting. But, when I put this “spent” battery in my C01, it comes right on, nearly as bright as my other C01 with a fresh battery.

Fun stuff.

small update, after 4 or more hours of letting the batteries rest, the V2 is able to turn on with a 1.0V battery, while the V1 will not. Both went off only because I disconnected the battery. Edge goes to the V2 for better vampire capability!

contactcr, how do you like the far red compared to the 660nm photo red? It looks great in that pic, but we all know how pictures of lights on the internet are hard to convey. That is a 730nm far red?

Far Red is pretty much not visible in day light. It’s completely different from Photo Red. Also, i’m getting weird driver issues where it wants to go from low > strobe a lot of times.

Whaddya do wittit?

Twist on, shine in eye, twist off. Twist on, shine into wall back and forth. Twist off. Line up with other AAAs. Repeat ad nauseum.

What else?

I had an issue swapping a 219C into one of these. Lost firefly, and strobe was 1/2 frequency of stock. Put in an old 219A I had, no issues. Seems the driver has some problems out of the Vf of the LED swapped in.

I have to make one far red light just to try it out, thanks for the feedback on this.

Out of curosity, since I don’t think anyone else posted it. I stuck a vapcell 10440 in a factory Ti3 V2.
I got about 3.5 lumens in Low.
About 205 lumens in med and 360 lumens in high.
I only tried high for 30 seconds or so and the light did start to get warm.
ThruNite didn’t say anything about using a 10440 that I saw, so I just had to try it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m guessing the .075 ohm resistor is limiting the current enough for it to survive a 10440.
Just using a Nimh AAA there’s really no reason for it to be there, the current is limited by how much the boost controller can push in boost operaion.
How long it will last using a 10440, I really dont know but with only 1 amp (guessed from lumen output) thru the driver, it should be fine.
For those of us that have done emitter swaps with a lower vf led the current output could change.
But be warned it could damage the driver. :wink:
At $6 bucks I wasn’t too worried about it.

Yeah, but don’t waste your flashlights. There are people in India still in the dark.

For anyone that missed the sale earlier, the Thrunite Ti3 v2 is now $9.99 on Amazon (US) from Thrunite Direct. Both NW and CW versions are available. I picked up two more to add to my earlier three. It’s a neat little light, slightly smaller than the Sofirn C01/S/R. I believe that the inclusion of moonlight mode in the Ti3 is unique to this price point and size. However, all five of mine have a different moon level, so I guess it’s luck of the draw.

i only see ti3 on thrunite and amazon.ca, but i do see the v2 on amazon.com. whats the difference?

do the ones you have always start at the lowest mode
do they have next mode memory?

Lets hope they have enough in stock.
With all these interested folks, it’ll be OOS as soon as it is live. :smiley:

Not sure that any of them have next mode memory. 4 of the ones I got on that deal all worked as they are supposed to which is to always start at moonlight. However, I chose the one with the lowest moon mode for myself. This one is inconsistent. Sometimes it starts in low instead of moonlight. I just pulled it out of my pocket and sure enough it stared on low. I cycled through high and moonlight back to low and waited for 10 seconds and turned it off. Waited another ten seconds, turned it on and it started on moonlight as it should. This is very annoying but the light is still among my favorite lights. Have learned that if I NEED moonlight I just have to turn it on to a closed hand. Not all that big of deal for the wonderful light that it is. Also, most of the ones that I have had do NOT do this.

Edit —- after typing all of that I pulled it out of my pocket again and it started on moonlight as it is supposed to. As I said, inconsistent.

I just ran a quick test on all five I have (1x NW and 4x CW):

All turned on to medium mode, let sit on a table for a few moments. Pick one up, turn it off for 10 seconds, then turn on. Repeat for other four lights. All came back on in moonlight mode after 10 seconds off.
Tried the experiment again with a 5 second off interval. All five came back on in moonlight after 5 seconds off.
Tried with a 3 second off interval. Back on with Moonlight for all after 3 seconds off.
As a note, I just counted in my head, I didn’t use a stopwatch or something. This was totally nonscientific.

But as far as I can tell, the stock at Amazon US right now always starts on moonlight and therefore does NOT have next mode memory. Did you order any with the previous sale, jon_slider? How do yours behave?

I don’t have the V1 version, so I’m really not sure of the differences. All five of mine are etched on the flashlight “Ti3 V2”. Did someone do a comparison earlier in the thread? (I did a quick search but didn’t find a comparison).

thanks, can you clarify:
why would they all turn on to medium mode?

the one I have is from several years ago
it starts on lowest mode

I did not buy from the recent sale, no experience with the ones you have.

Sorry, I guess my explanation wasn’t clear.
Turning on to medium was my own doing and part of the experiment.

What I did was put the lights into medium mode. Then let sit for a moment. Then turn off for XX seconds and turn on again. Always came back on in Moonlight.

I should note that this light actually only has three modes so when I say medium I mean the second mode (Moonlight, Medium, High).

sad :frowning:



no memory, no next mode memory, always starts on lowest mode.

If only. The original is difficult to find. On thrunite.com and amazon.ca, what is sold is the Ti3 V2. The head is a little shorter on the V2. Look through the pictures on amazon.ca, and you will see the badge on the light with “V2,” even if the copy text in the sale does not list “V2.”

The difference is the the original had temporary memory, so after a few seconds it would always start in firefly. My understanding is there are at least two batches of V2, where the first batch had “next mode memory,” which is completely annoying and has been described as the “never what you want interface,” and the second batch just has ordinary memory, stays on the mode you turned it off in. The original interface with temporary memory was the best interface, IMO.

What has been discovered here? Is there a 3rd batch of V2 with the original interface of temporary memory? (the reason it is temporary memory rather than no memory is because if there were no memory whatsoever, you could never advance beyond the 2nd mode… so there must be a few seconds of memory, or at least a second of memory)

damn…sounds like i shouldnt take the chance with amazon.ca, i dont know what this is gonna be lol

YES! haha sorry I tend to over-explain things.

As for what “how crazy is this” said above, I haven’t had that experience with mine, but I haven’t carried them in my pocket (don’t go outside much these days…)

I say give it a shot and see if the one(s) you get work the way you expect.