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I’m interested, but is it XP-L or XM-L?

Sorry, official specifications from JB states XP-L but photo shows otherwise. Whereas, HKE is showing XM-L2 instead. Allow me to check with vendor.

XM-L T6 as indicated in photo.

I should have mine in about a week or less…

Neutral tint?

If it is not mentioned, most probably it is CW.

May be interested depending on price, but I have to factor in paying someone to replace the LED to XM-L2 neutral.


Group buy price confirmed. I need confirmed buyers for 22 sets to ensure good GB$. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Thanks for organizing this.
Please put me down for 2.

Can I have the price, please?

PM sent.

PM the price please.

Price has been included to facilitate this group buy.

I’m out ,

I just bought mine from Battery Junction on sale now

Is not free shipping.

I think you should be honest about the value of this battery (we are not chinese selleers over here): a very good protected 2600 mAh battery I could find (a Keeppower with Samsung cell inside) sells for $6.90, for $9 I get a 2900mAh version. Sirius9 tested this JL240 battery in his Opus for just over 2000mAh: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/31469

So I would value the battery at something like $5 , not 9.

No problem. Thanks for informing me.

$9 worth was derived from comparing JL240 selling prices from GB, BG, AE, eBay and Amazon.

Ok, I guess it comes down then to if you define 'worth' as the value or as the selling price ;-)