PM sent. Just received first name for the list.

Ordered, thanks for a stress free buying experience. Looking forward to the next one.

Had to pick up a couple of them.

Ordered. Thanks.

Thanks a lot, freeme, for this great GB! Have a nice weekend.

Ooft this is an incredible group buy! Couldn’t resist on the Model A light :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

A couple of them for me.

( PM Send )

Thank you freeme, order has been placed.

Ordered. Thanks.

Ordered model 'A' for a great price, thanks freeme and thanks to the supplier!

Many thanks for your constant support!
@djozz @D10ten @slow2go @DanielM @ilovejesuschrist @rest_of_the_new members.

Model A is temporarily OUT. Will get them to work again when staffs are back to their stations on Mon.

Didn’t get the price!

I ordered model b. Thanks for the gb.

I have not idea what is going on in this thread! Just thought I would mention it. :slight_smile:

Group buys with good prices for certain brand lights must be done without mentioning names and with the details by PM's to prevent manufacturers to find out what is going on: there are quite a few brands who will not allow their products to be sold under a certain price and then stop cooperation with a seller.

Thus this sneeky type of thread.

I ordered model A. In fact I ordered 3, one for everyone in my family. I know they already sold out of stock but at this deal it’s well worth waiting for. A big thanks to freeme and GB for a great deal.

+1. It is not out-of-stock yet. Request is welcome but they have to wait for second opening.


Nor do I, everything is so cryptic and mysterious, and non-communicative, and I have tried to get the prices through PM s, and never got them, nor any notice that the sale started, or what the heck is going on, although the OP has sent me 2 PMs that were as confusing and with zero information, as this thread.

Ordered 2 model A's - had no problems. Thanks freeme!! Will definitely be look'n at swapping out the emitters though, probably some sort of neutral - haven't seen any attempts at modding these yet.