I’m interested in a Boss1


Yes, I finally found this hoss of a light here in the forum. The name BOSS1 made me look. lol

Looks to me like the reflector is comparatively shallow for how wide it is, the head is pretty “square” so with some room for an emitter shelf and driver, the reflector might be on the shallow side. Not that that in itself is so horrible, but it would surely affect the ratio of hot spot to spill. The sample pictures from Palight seem to indicate it’s got a lot of spill, but the hot spot is still tight and concentrated. It’d be fun to exploit that…

1680 is easily doable out of an XM-L2, I’ve had one at 1980 before. Just saying. (and that was in an EE X6!) Remains to be seen if they really are pushing this one that hard. What’s that Tom, around 6A? 5.7? Will indeed need a good emitter shelf to tie it in to all that head mass…

Game on…

I'm hoping we can get those hot FET's Mitko came across. We can't find any around, but he has a local source. All those high #'s of amps and throw Mitko's been getting from single cell lights were mostly achievable by that special FET he's been using, link here: http://www.a-power.com.tw/index.aspx?lang=eng&fn=product_list_pms&ID=104 -- click on datasheet, then Merge Documents.

Sample ready to ship. Paging for TomE !

Nice, I’m really curious what the inside of this looks like. I’m thinking it might make a great Xhp-70 host.

Yeah some good BOSS news :party:

Ooops, replied to your pm this morn - bring it on! Smile

freeme, add me to the boss1 list please. Thanks :smiley:


Did you get any definite info on the head diameter?

I just requested custom sizes of a few UCLp lenses from Chris at flashlightlens.com, including for the new Convoy L2 and UranusFire 818, so they are shipped and on the way. If this is plain glass, thinking it is, then a UCLp would be an awesome upgrade. He's got sizes in 73, 76, 88, and 93 now, but sounds like he can turn over a custom size in plastic (UCLp) quick. Glass is a whole # story - needs mins and time. The big UCLp's get a bit pricey, and still have to see if the 2.25 mm thickness will work out ok.

cant wait to see the review! This host looks very promising!

This light looks like it's made for the EFEST 4200 26650 cell - best cell on the planet right now, least I know of... I got a few more on order, planning on running 4 of them in this. Really for max throw, it comes down to the quality/design of the reflector. Some designs can kill throw, and can't be tuned, but there are also serious variations from piece to piece in reflectors, so never can tell. A UCLp should give a nice boost on throw - they always do.

Wish I could read Chinese - wonder what the X960 means, was hoping it's 96 mm head or reflector Smile. 960 doesn't seem to match up to anything else, unless it's just a sort of model #.

960 meters of throw (in stock form, pre-mod throw) :smiley:

You can take your time to measure your unit before placing your mod kit.

X960 is the flashlight model in the center.

I say make it 4s and put a XHP35 in there with a diamond Reflector. “now thats a light” (think crocodile dundee voice)

So the X960 is 45mm head diameter and the boss1 is approximately 2.6 X960's wide. Roughly 115mm head diameter? Just did it in paint, so I wouldn't go trusting it too much. :P

Things tend to look a bit bigger when they are closer to camera.

Damn it, a 4 x 26650 light, now I’m going to have to purchase it. If there’s a list, please add me to it.

True, I kinda want to recreate the picture with similar sized flashlights to see how much difference there is... Hmm, project for when I get bored.

Just fyi, it's SRK soup can style, super sized, 4 cells in parallel, but still, should be awesome runtime and maxing out the 4v capability of the emitter.

The handle is budget all the way - that slip over rubber sleeve, little weird, and the tail switch is kinda strange as well for alight like this, but who cares really - this light has just one purpose - max, and I'm thinking max throw.

Still, I'd probably drop in a Tiny25 with Bistro firmware - just because I can, and it's easy. Doing a Convoy L2 now, same way basically. Thinking of a de-domed XP-L V6 1D - got a couple in from IOS, but he's sold out of the LED's. Might have to get a couple XP-L V6 1A's from Richard. Could also go with a de-domed U4. I just have no luck with XP-G2's...