So the X960 is 45mm head diameter and the boss1 is approximately 2.6 X960's wide. Roughly 115mm head diameter? Just did it in paint, so I wouldn't go trusting it too much. :P

Things tend to look a bit bigger when they are closer to camera.

Damn it, a 4 x 26650 light, now I’m going to have to purchase it. If there’s a list, please add me to it.

True, I kinda want to recreate the picture with similar sized flashlights to see how much difference there is... Hmm, project for when I get bored.

Just fyi, it's SRK soup can style, super sized, 4 cells in parallel, but still, should be awesome runtime and maxing out the 4v capability of the emitter.

The handle is budget all the way - that slip over rubber sleeve, little weird, and the tail switch is kinda strange as well for alight like this, but who cares really - this light has just one purpose - max, and I'm thinking max throw.

Still, I'd probably drop in a Tiny25 with Bistro firmware - just because I can, and it's easy. Doing a Convoy L2 now, same way basically. Thinking of a de-domed XP-L V6 1D - got a couple in from IOS, but he's sold out of the LED's. Might have to get a couple XP-L V6 1A's from Richard. Could also go with a de-domed U4. I just have no luck with XP-G2's...

DHL - Monday Smile

I am curious to see how are 26650 cells going to slide over those bumpy protruding contacts on a driver pcb while you screw in or out the battery tube!

Serious, Sirius9, me too!

I don’t see it as being a problem. there is a smooth transition from PCB to the stud and the nipples of protected cells have no square edges or sharp corners.

will anyone be so kind as to mod it to death to unravel its full potential? :smiley:

I'll try. Hoping to max it out for throw. Once I get it and measure the lens, I'll probably order a custom UCLp. Thinking of a de-domed XP-L, but I'm working on de-domed XP-G2's. Unfortunately, I don't have the capability to do much in a custom heat sink, but we'll see. I'd rather keep the cells 4P - easier to works thing out with a stock driver. I'm thinking this is between a COURUI D01 and TK61 in reflector diameter. Of course a lot depends on the quality/shape of the reflector to get top #'s.

Great for something this big at a decent price though.


When you have it, please share the measures of lens and reflector :wink:

Many thanks

<—- willing to help in the heatsink department. Feel free to give me a holler. :wink:

I have 1”, 1 3/8”, 1 1/2” copper and a piece of 2 1/2” that’s 1 1/2” long in Tellurium if that helps. The big piece was for something that didn’t pan out. :wink:

Edit: Also got a couple of XP-G2 S2 OD if that helps…

Be prepared for the fight as Palight has habit of gluing their lights.

<—- got large strap wrenches, can help with that too. :slight_smile:

Yikes - maybe I'll just send it to Dale Smile. Hopefully I can get it Monday, work on it asap to find out - hoping....

I just bought one at TaoBao @ US$73. This light is very heavy! With 4 CaroNite 26650, it weight 1.464kg. Luckily it has no glue anywhere, hand removal is applicable. Compared to TK61, the reflector has the same diameter and depth, but the base seat on LED side has larger diameter. They have similar spot appearance, but due to bigger hole, larger gasket and LED sit lower, the BOSS1 has the ring shapes around the hot spot.

Stock Flashlight is around 700-800 lumens. TK61 is far brighter. May be due to the thin silver coated springs high resistant contact point. And the LED is aluminium base.

Will modify this to MT-G2 using 18x7135-350mah driver which designed for 3x xml by the brand of HONDS.

Excellent! Post some pics for us!

Thanks CWK, interesting news. The TK61 throw #'s are a bit all over the place, from maybe 550 kcd, 620 kcd, to as high as 740 kcd from vinh here. Hard to say what can be accomplished with this, but has many possibilities.

How about shaved XHP70? or maybe even XHP35-HI as an alternative to XPL-HI, for thighter beam!