Interested in the Boss… I wonder how they manage to align the battery with the contact? Won’t the batteries get “stuck” between the raised tops when screwing the body?

His name is the first to appear in our minds, but I thought of giving others a chance to work with it too.

Flashlight alone. Please take note that "full" retail price is RMB899 (~USD140). It may cost around $50 incl. international shipping.

Approx 90mm dia (based on the pic) x 178mm . We will have more details in a day.

There is room for improvement definitely. All their flagship models will get update every year. Based on their customer feedback, I think they are considering BOSS1 in 4xcree config too.

Precise threads or maybe some marking to assist the alignment?

The “full” retail price may be RMB899, but they do sell them for less than a third of that on TMALL including charger & cells. So we know 140$ is not the true cost or there lowest offering FAR from it :wink:

The diameter of the + contacts and the diameter of the flat top 26650’s probably make it impossible NOT to make contact? So if you end up in the middle each battery is making contact on 2 edges of each+ contact? Maybe? I want one so Im very interested in this BOSS light too!

BOSS1 price is in >> https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/35973

Has this happened? Anyone chosen for this yet? I'd be interested.

My vote (if i have one :wink: ) is on you Tom E :), you are the most experienced who have stepped up at least publicly and surprisingly the only one who seemed interested of our mod aces here at BLF :bigsmile:

I hope you get one, i can’t wait to hear what the BOSS can do.

Shoot - yea, I missed that request earlier. Dunno if I'd be the best one for it, but with a reflector like this size, should be able to get good #'s out of it.

Definitely see a hard-driven MT-G2 and a billion amps in this if it has good heat sinking for the star. If it had a OP reflector then maybe a XHP70 with a billion amps.

I'm think'n throwus maximus prime Smile. This is in the TM36 range for throw, but helluva lot cheaper.

Monster reflector with an XP-L Hi. 4x 26650’s and it’ll run for years on turbo!!

What i really want to see is some numbers on the throw kings in there sizes, the dedomed XP-G2 S4 and/or XM-L2 U4.

If any of those makes some budget disruptive for the max thrower light market, killer numbers i will be really happy :). Because every other option for a ready made light with a reflector this big has always costed WAAAAAY over a $100 and the BOSS is about half that :open_mouth:

And if they really haven’t screwed up heatsinking on it for a XP-G2/XM-L2 class emitter running flat out, there is no way a 1.2kg massive hunk of alu will not be able to eat that heat like nothing. Of course high amp XPH70 builds can overheat anything not aircooled but, i hope at least we get a nice shelf for the mcpcb.

I remember seeing this thread when it was first posted, but had not kept up with it.

I'd also be interested in assessing & modding the "Boss" :)

bring on a GB of the BOSS!

It is more or less confirmed. Do you wish to be included in our interest list?

yes :slight_smile:

Id be interested in a BOSS but with a tripple LED reflector setup… 4500 lumens with 200-250kcd.

I’m interested in a Boss1


Yes, I finally found this hoss of a light here in the forum. The name BOSS1 made me look. lol

Looks to me like the reflector is comparatively shallow for how wide it is, the head is pretty “square” so with some room for an emitter shelf and driver, the reflector might be on the shallow side. Not that that in itself is so horrible, but it would surely affect the ratio of hot spot to spill. The sample pictures from Palight seem to indicate it’s got a lot of spill, but the hot spot is still tight and concentrated. It’d be fun to exploit that…

1680 is easily doable out of an XM-L2, I’ve had one at 1980 before. Just saying. (and that was in an EE X6!) Remains to be seen if they really are pushing this one that hard. What’s that Tom, around 6A? 5.7? Will indeed need a good emitter shelf to tie it in to all that head mass…

Game on…

I'm hoping we can get those hot FET's Mitko came across. We can't find any around, but he has a local source. All those high #'s of amps and throw Mitko's been getting from single cell lights were mostly achievable by that special FET he's been using, link here: http://www.a-power.com.tw/index.aspx?lang=eng&fn=product_list_pms&ID=104 -- click on datasheet, then Merge Documents.