The mode spacing leaves something to be desired, but otherwise it looks like a nice light.


Nice, interested.
The HT35 looks promising too.

Interested, but would like to see a review before pulling the trigger (re: beam profile and heat handling).

Anyone know about turbo and if it has a timed or thermal stepdown. Preferably no turbo stepdown. But lights rarely come with that. But gives me something to do changing drivers to ones with no turbo timer. I can live with a 3 minute timer.

Interested depending on price. Never had a mtg2 light before. I was hoping to use a boost driver and a Thorfire c8s 20mm driver pocket to build one

I imagine this is close to kd driver mtg2 around 3 amps puts out 2000 lumens. There driver claims 3 amps it tested around 2.7-2.8 can be bumped up some. I wonder if this is the h1-a driver from kd modded to take a eswitch

I am interested.

Ouch! Must be a very special one for that price :wink:

Haikelite don’t change on us now. Every previous light, turbo was in the mode sequence. And now this light requires a double press. If turbo can still be memorized, I’m in for at least 2 units.


Group buy has been confirmed.


Interested. Have always wanted an MTG2 and I am a sucker for single 26650 lights!

Add me to the list mate thanks. What about the SC01?


count me in please :)



SC01 has new emitter but host is different.