I haven’t gotten to use this specific light, but I have been fortunate enough to handle three other models (P20R,P26R,P30R).
Quality-wise the lights were flawless, so I don’t thing this one will be an exception.

I’ve been watching this also. Need to see the beam profile white and of course price. It does appear to be well built. Neutral

Very interesting! Curious how difficult to change the driver.

Well, the driver also handles the charging and discharging via the USB interface.
Finding a suitable one might be a challenge.

Would love to see a pic of how the LEDs are mounted, so down the barrel.

I have one of these on the way for review from Banggood (was dispatched yesterday). Will try and get the review up on BLF as soon as I can.

Interested for this flashlight, are we going to get nice deal for this one?

Oh I like this LED placement!

The MELD LED board does the same, but with XQE Hi LEDs

LED board modified to have center LED DTP

You can modify a XML2 gasket or use the reflector without one

MR35 review is out on BLF and CPF by zieloczek100.

It’s on here too FiTorch MR35 1*18650 RGB+UV
My MR35 for review hasn’t left China yet, so will be a while.


Link updated. [quote=stephenk]

It’s on here too FiTorch MR35 1*18650 RGB+UV My MR35 for review hasn’t left China yet, so will be a while.


Got this email this morning….

Dear customers,
Thanks for choosing Banggood and our products.
We’re sorry to inform you that the preorder for the item [Fitorch MR35 XP-L2 1200Lumens 5lightcolors Rechargeable Portable UV LED Flashlightt] was delayed due to a delay in the manufacturing process.
We’re will do our best to find a solution as soon as possible.
If you don’t have the urgency to receive the product, and can wait for your order, after the delivery, you will also receive Banggood Points in your account.
The amount of Banggood Points will be calculated as following:
Less than 7 days delay: 50 BG points
More than 7 days delay: 100 BG points
In case you do not want to wait for the delivery and want to request a full refund of your order, please click on the following link:
Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.
Best regards,
Customer Service.

I got that one too. Also got one for the P26R and P30R

MR35 Shipped today.