My MM18JR is currently stuck in German customs, let’s see when it goes on! :frowning: Before, nothing happened long ago, they are not the fastest!

Did you opt for standard airmail or expedited?

I had standard airmail. With DHL express ($ 25) I could have bought them at Banggood.
There was not another option.

I am interested.

My MM18JR and the BK-FA30S are at Germany customs too. I ordered via standard Airmail too.

Thank you freeme. I order MM18III $154 / 1 piece send by register air mail

Got mine today.
The reflector has some marks, the LED is far from centred. :frowning:

I tried the rear button and I get a green/red blinking when pressed. When pressed again it stops the blinking.
But the light does not turn on with the main button, not even a sign of life form what is meant to be the battery indicator in the centre of the button. Am I missing something?


Definitely a sad thing to hear.

I’m waiting for mine to arrive

Bruno28, can you post some pictures of the LED and reflector?
Mine still stuck at somewhere in airport I guess.

Interested in the BK-FA30S

So I managed to dismantle a bit and see what the issue was. No idea what it was, but when I put it back together it started working.

But mode 4 and 5 has massive flicker. And it actually doesn’t change mode as its somehow interrupting the mode change, even to turn on and off. Its almost like I have to keep trying until I get the perfect timing where there is no interruption for it to work. The battery level light in the middle of the switch also flickers.

So mode 4 and 5 are completely not possible to use on my light. So I programmed one button as lowest output and the other as highest, and that allows me to exit when stuck on mode 4 and 5.

Here is the link to reflector photos and LED centering:

Videos of flicker:


I did a run test on turbo, and the flashlight reached 72 degrees C. Never stepped down.

Interested in all 3 if still available.

The rear button is not the power switch for the main light. I believe it is meant for signal purpose , or act as a flashlight location beacon?

Bruno28, have you tried different batteries?
The LED looks centered to me, but maybe the white insulator is not. Do you manage to correct it?

Its not batteries issue.
If you read my post I explain that its got flickering issues after I manage to disassemble the light and put it back which miraculously made it work.

I was able to correct a bit of the centring of LED. You can remove the whole Reflector head and get straight to the LED and MPCB.

Yes its only a Beacon, not very useful. Would have been best if it was a tail click switch like the older model. To be honest I think the older model is a bit better as it has a click switch and a magnetic rotating mode switch. So much easier to use.
Ill try both lights tonight, but seems like they are about the same in throw (even though the old has 200lumens more) and spot size when I tried inside, making the older model much more compact as its a smaller head.
I will see how they differ in throw tonight.

Yes, I understand that you dismantle and put it back, and it start to work, but it has flickering issue for mode 4 and 5.
I meant to ask do you try different batteries to troubleshoot the flickering issue.

So I tried my brand new batteries that I got with the BLF GT. It was better. But mode 5 had hissing sounds. Mode 4 didn’t seem to have issues and it was smoother during mode change.
Since its not perfect does it mean that there could still be some issue that’s not battery related? Or is the hissing sound normal?

I am not sure. Looks like mode 4 and 5 are regulated and battery age or contact will play a factor.
Highest mode is not regulated so it will just draw as much current from batteries as possible.
Ya, the hissing sound is mentioned in review posted in BLF.