Sorry for the slow reply. Received overwhelming amount of messages during the period from other group buys.

I am interested in the Vostro ! :sunglasses:

Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to confirm your order.

Interested for BK-FA30S, please send me the deal. Thanks

Good day!
I am interested! One MM18III

I have to check with Niwalker first.

Dear FreeMe, I understood and wait for Your answer.

Deal is active again!

Finally got mine after it was shipped back to Hong Kong because the courier tried to deliver it after hours.

They didn't let you claim from their postal office, and sent it back to HK?

Carrier only tried to deliver it once after 6pm at a business. when we found out it was already on it’s way back to Hong Kong.

Niwalker Aurora C11 XP-L2 promotion is ON!

I have no idea what that is.

Do you have any pictures or description?

Interested in MM18JR

Sent. [quote=klrman]

Interested in MM18JR


Interested in Vostro… depending on price

Mm18jr has my interest. Can you send me the code

All replied.

AURORA C11 - brightest single XP-L emitter flashlight in my collection.