The 4* nichia is 100mm long. The 2* xpg3 is 98mm long. The difference is in the bezels. Upon checking this I found an o-ring missing on one of the heads :frowning: The threads are also anodised so feel a little rough, no biggy but just saying.

The pocket clip on the e14 is a steel one that came as a spare with a used light I bought a couple years ago. It looks a lot like the ti mcgizmo clips that Lightknot was selling a short time ago but it looks like he’s sold out and I don’t know where you can get them now.

Got mine. Unfortunately DOA: Amutorch AT40

If I could get a code for the AT40 nichia?

Please and thank you!

With the sudden surge in demand, QC issue can arise from smaller manufacturers is inevitable. If you got a DOA, just contact customer service for full refund.

Ugh, jelly from all who’ve received theirs. Mine is stuck at this: 2018-07-22 11:26 Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

I DO appreciate all your comments and pictures though!

Got mine today.

The good:
-Much better build quality than expected
-Decent output and lots of room for modding
-Nothing is glued (except for driver)
-The clip is extremely solid
-Aluminum pill does an good job, but this light is not ready for some FET action. I’ll be keeping the stock driver.

The bad:
-Rear switch doesn’t have a spring but a brass plate that is very thin and rather large in diameter, so if you’re using batteries that are wrapped a bit more towards the center or have double wrapping it won’t work. Maybe this is why many are reporting DOA units. Fortunately that can be fixed with a spring but you’ll have to take the light apart.
-Front oring needs to be thicker

For those who can’t remove the tail cap, it’s most likely the clip that is pressing against the body. Just take off the clip and you’re good.

Overall a very nice flashlight and great value for the money. I’m modding mine soon and post the outcome here.

I wondered what was going on with my light last night. Turned out to be low voltage warning. Last night I checked the battery and it seemed to kick in the warning (on high mode) about 3.6v. Today at work I played with it again and the frequency of the dimming seems to have increased as the voltage gets lower. I don’t know if the light will shut off at some point and am reluctant to run the battery down to find out as it is unprotected and I have no multimeter or charger to check the battery voltage.

Low the voltage higher the frequency

Edit: when I was able to check battery voltage I kept running the light. Voltage got down to 2.7v with no shut down.

Interesting…. thanks pinkpanda3310!! :+1:
Good video & good music…… :beer:

Thanks for the disassembled view, can you easily get a photo of the pill / what’s under the MCPCB.

I just got my Amutorch AT40 Nichia from the mail and its DOA! It is Not working… Can somebody tell me what can possibly be wrong with it? I’ve searched the internet and it seems to have some problems and I just can’t get it to light up… :frowning: Thanks in advance!!!

It is DOA is always a very difficult question to answer. It helps enormously if you start by checking the obvious yourself first (like does the battery make contact on both sides)

As dojzz said… check battery connections. Especially at the rear switch.
See the quoted post below for more info.

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 09:15………. #247

Yes, I’ve checked and both positive and specially the negative on the tail do have contacts. I’ve also checked to see if the battery is working and it is working.

Darn… was hoping that would be it. :frowning: … Have you got voltage to the LED’s?

Are all the ’extras’ in the picture below supposed to be included in the box?
Mine only had 2 O’rings & a switch cover… nothing else.

It arrived DOA also. :person_facepalming: . Oh well…. :wink:

I have not had a chance to check it out yet, besides the battery making proper contact…. it is too. Hopefully today I can check it out further.

Mine too.

Hmmm… Ok, thanks for that info. :+1:

Did yours work?? If so you are ahead of me…… :wink:

I’m quite dissapointed by its build quality along with the lack of using R9050 Nichia 219Cs.

/\…. :+1:

I got mine from Amutorch direct. I didn't know they packed differently for their resellers.

@will34 suspect it is the tailcap switch giving the problem. See if you are able to power up the light by connecting the tube and battery cathode with a wire?